Meteorological hazards

Meteorological risks are calamities caused by extreme weather, such as drought, rain, snow, wind, excessive heat, and cold (Sun & Wang, 2011, p. 383). Extreme weather is defined as weather that is unpredictable or extraordinary at the extremities of its historical or customary distribution. When the weather exceeds normal standards,...

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Geomorphology Frequency and magnitude of debris flows on Cheekye River, British Columbia

The article "Geomorphology" by Jakob and Friele The study "Frequency and magnitude of debris flows on the Cheekye River, British Columbia" employs frequency-magnitude (F-M) calculation to construct trends of debris-flow modeling and risk analyses. The authors tackle the inquiry on two fronts, using stratigraphic investigations and dendrochronology to determine the...

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The yield-to-maturity

The yield-to-maturity rises when the bond rating falls; for example, the A-rated bond (Exxon Mobil) yields less (2.88%) than the C-rated bond (Chesapeake, 8.01%). The ratings analyze bond issuers' ability and desire to pay regular interest and repay principal at maturity (Henry, Kisgen, & Wu, 2015). Bonds issued by financially...

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Woodside Petroleum Ltd

This analytical report provides a summary of Woodside Petroleum Ltd's business and activities in June 2017. There's also a breakdown of the shareholder analysis, risk-return analysis, cost of capital, and financial statement analysis. I outline Woodside's owners, the returns on their investment, the cost of capital, and an analysis of...

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ethical issues during the and from the Chernobyl accident in 1986

This study provides an objective and clear consideration of the ethical questions that arose during and after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. Power plants generate large amounts of energy that the general public relies on in their daily life. It is critical that the authorities manage these facilities in a way...

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Vulnerable and at Risk Population

Those who are at danger or in the population require additional needs prior to, during, and after a specific event in areas such as autonomy, movement, health care, and communication. Ethnic and racial minorities, low-income earners, those without health coverage, the elderly, those living with HIV, the homeless, and rural...

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What needs to be done to resolve SMS problems.

To reduce the airside risks of car accidents and collisions on the apron, harm to ground personnel, and damage to airside equipment and aircrafts, CAP790 regulations and guidelines should be considered. Businesses who hire ground handlers and personnel who operate airside equipment should make certain that their employees have an...

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Strategic Finance - Investors

Typically, investors in the security and derivative markets must choose between adjusting prospective gains for increasing risks. The recent worldwide credit and financial crises demonstrate the need of risk measurement in portfolio management and modern finance. Risk measurement is essential in the derivatives sector since insufficient risk analysis can lead...

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Barriers to HIV Prevention for the Vulnerable Groups

While anyone who engages in unsafe intercourse is at risk of developing HIV/AIDS, the infection rate in certain groups, such as Infectious Drug Users (IDUs), ethnic minorities (particularly Black Americans), gays, and women, remains high in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around...

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Type of Risks and Vulnerabilities Associated With Corporate and Military Data

With growing internet penetration and device interconnection, data generation is expected to skyrocket. Given this turn of events, it is imperative that data risks and vulnerabilities increase. Data compromise is more visible in corporations and military organizations than in other agencies due to the crucial importance and vitality of the...

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A Political Risk Profile

Due to the related political concerns, China is seen as a risky location to begin or continue operating a business. Before beginning a business or continuing operations in China, any international management should understand the various political risks that are connected to the country. There are many political dangers in...

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The Junkyard Planet

One of the principles promoted by the junkyard planet is the preservation of the environment and prevention from dangerous risks. The globe is strewn with dangerous materials, and the items are recycled to protect people from the various effects of the elements, according to the book ( page 2). An...

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