The Importance of Risk Tolerance in Entrepreneurship

Tolerance for Risk in Entrepreneurship Tolerance for risk encompasses the level to which an investor is willing to withstand the variability of returns. As such, risk tolerance is considered one of the most critical elements in entrepreneurship. Notably, the ability and willingness to take significant risks for an equally higher possibility...

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The Process of Risk Management in Local Communities

The 2014 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review contains the responsibility the Department of Homeland Security shares with various individuals across federal, local, state and tribal governments, non-governmental organizations and the private sector  (Dale, 2014) The real challenge in transforming the QHSR 2014 into a living reality lies in the difficulties in...

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The Risk of Mudslide in Clackamas County

In our ways of life, we go through a lot of risks. In numerous methods companies, markets, and peoples are managed by the view of, and the prospect of jeopardies. Dangers impact how exploratory or conventional an individual selects to be in a particular exertion (Council, 2005). Precisely, risks are...

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Insurance for Business

Fires and Fire Insurance Fires are risks that are sometimes inevitable and thus business owners are advised to insure their premises. There are several factors in play, especially for insurance company underwriters when determining the fire insurance premium policy for any business structure. Some of these crucial factors include the presence...

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Fear and Adventure Tourism in Brazil

In the article Fear and adventure tourism in Brazil, the authors have communicated logically, to their audience; people who love adventure, the role of emotions and perceptions experienced during the exploration undertakings, and in the hunt for an ideal stimulation level. The title of the article is clear and concise,...

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Risk Management in Construction Projects

Almost every project has risks that crop up during different stages of execution. These risks may impede the processed involved and slow down the progress of the project. However, there are positive risks that are in many cases advantageous to the project. Therefore, there should measure put in place to...

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The Value at Risk (VAR) of a Portfolio

A portfolio is a set of assets, in this case, the portfolio comprises of 10,000 and 5,000 Japanese Yen Swiss Franc respectively. The rate of exchange for the two are USD/JPY 100 and USD/CHF = 1.0 Therefore, the portfolio will contain the following dollar amounts. 10,000 JPY/100 = $100 5,000 SWISS Franc...

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Risk Management in Retail Business

Running a business is often a dangerous task, with many inherent risks. Some of these potential risks can lower the business reputation and destroy the entire business, while others can result in serious damages that can be time consuming and costly to repair. However, despite the risks associated with doing...

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Child abuse and Criminal Behavior

A Caregiver's Act or Inaction: Child Abuse and Criminal Behavior A caregiver's act or inaction that exposes the child to a serious danger of serious physical, sexual, or emotional exploitation or harm is referred to as child abuse. The type of abuse a kid experiences influences the criminal behavior they will...

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Working Conditions of Acceptable Risk by William Lowrance

William Lowrance's Definition of Safety William Lowrance outlines the definition of safety and how it should be decided in his book Working Conditions of Acceptable Risk. He says that protection is immeasurable in the essay. In other words, safety cannot be quantified in precise terms. Safety is still determinable though it...

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Carriage of Goods

International rules of the carriage acknowledge the inherent risks associated with deck carriage and, in most instances, allow parties to share these risks among themselves. Exclusion clauses are typically used to handle these risks during contract negotiations, though different countries may use them differently. For instance, the Hague-Visby regulations in...

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The Crisis Management

In any company or industry, a problem will eventually arise. Any event that disrupts an organization's operations to the point where losses are highly likely to occur and its image is also affected can be referred to as a crisis. Therefore, it is essential for management or managers to implement...

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