Essays on Decision Making

Recognition without Awareness

According to Craik, Rose " Gopie, (2015), the phrase “Recognition without awareness” refers to responding to questions correctly using guess attempts. This scenario mostly applies to students who like using multiple-choice tests to give answers that are short or questions that are in an essay form since they can have...

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Cognitive Bias

When making decisions, people consider the available information in order to make a rational and complete reasoning. However, this is not always the case as there are some factors that come into play and affect the rationality of people’s thinking process. The mistakes that occur in the thinking process are...

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The Importance of Decision Making

Deciding: Direct vs. Indirect Decision-Making Deciding has always been the most critical part of determining a good deed from a bad one. Arguments on such ends have always been controversial but, authors including Keer et al. (2010) and Ormrod (2004) have conceptualized the ideal ways of deciding. Direct Decision-Making According to Keer et...

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Impact of Chronic Stress on Social Decision Making

The article reports that the effect of chronic stress on social decisions According to Ceccato et al. (2018), there were cognitive effects of chronic stress on decision making which had not been investigated. As a result, Ceccato et al. (2018) deem it essential in studying the impacts of stress on...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Group Decision Making

According to Huitt (33), a group decision is an optimum solution out of the available set alternatives originating from a participatory process in which multiple individuals are acting collectively analyzed situations or challenges, evaluate and consider alternative courses of action. People involved in this participatory process might be demographically comparable...

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Flipping a Coin

People are willing to avoid making important decisions that are an argument between two people ends with the flipping of a coin. Making the right choice has always had a value in society regardless of the expectations of society. It may be the reason why a person aims always to...

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Analysis of the Decision Making Process of Purchasing Instruments

Thank you for your feedback concerning the research You conducted about the Instruments we require to purchase in order to be able to improve the quality of services offered at the institution. From your responses to the concerns I raised, I find it difficult to trust the data you gave because...

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The Importance of Being Ethical in Decision Making

The Importance of Ethical Decision Making in Business Organizations The success of any business or organization strongly lies in the hands of its management's ability to make effective and efficient decisions and at the same time observe ethical practices (Rees, Tenbrunsel & Bazerman, 2018). Thus, organizations that are fond of neglecting...

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The Role of Decision Support Systems in Promoting Successful Businesses

Century presents an era of intensive technology use in management decisions. Laudon Laudon (2012) assert that technology has become an ingrained part of business decision making as they strive to attain their strategic objectives and consequently acquire competitive advantage. Information systems (IS) are among some of the main...

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Operational Management Decision

Karen Mathews published the article on March 4, 2018. In the article, Mathews unfolds the intention of the Google management team to expand its business in the New York City. According to the article, Google is close to reaching $2.4 billion deal that will see another landmark erected in New...

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The Role of Business Information Systems in Decision-Making

Importance of Decision-Making Efficiency Decision-making efficiency is a critical determinant of business success (Saaty, 2008). Organizations often encounter challenges in the business environment. These challenges may stem from the external business environment or in some cases from internal systems. It is important for managers to establish the origins of challenges experienced...

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Will decision management systems revolutionize marketing

Decisions and Decision Management Decisions are a vital aspect of any successful venture. Therefore, decision management is a process in decision making that involves improving and aligning organizational goals to action. Decision management ensures the decision making process yields the desired results because it employs powerful tools like organizational rules, artificial...

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