Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

The Obama administration introduced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) initiative in June 2012. It protects deserving undocumented young adults and teenagers from deportation. The program also allows them to qualify for job permits, which improves their social and economic conditions. Around 1.7 million young immigrants applied for DACA…

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The Legalization of Medical Marijuana (Position Paper)

For a long time, many countries around the world have been troubled by the debate about whether cannabis can be legalized. When making a major federal decision like this, certain political factors must be considered. Nonetheless, prior to America’s enlightenment, most civilizations in the country had harnessed the Cannabis sativa…

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US Foreign Policy Regarding N. Korea’s Nuclear Program

The United States and North Korea have had a tense policy relationship for decades (Easley, 14). North Korea, officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), has been accused by the US of trying to advance its nuclear program. According to the US, North Korea’s nuclear program poses…

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Revocation of Death Penalty in Texas

The Death Penalty’s Decline and the Discovery of Innocence 2008, Cambridge University Press. The book assesses the drop in murder cases in America as a result of increased recognition of the death penalty. Americans have been viewed as only endorsing the death penalty in principle, implying that it is past…

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Healthy Eating and Food Industry

Bittman et al. wrote an essay titled “How a National Food Policy Could Save Millions of American Lives” (869). It addresses the possibility of a robust food program and its possible effects on Americans’ health and well-being. The authors acknowledge that the food industry accounts for the majority of the…

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women from minority religious and ethnic groups

As early as the 1980s, women from minority religious and ethnic communities in Western European countries have not been defined by policy-makers as a population in need of special defense from unique types of harassment or rape. They were more likely to be invisible as a focus audience and overlooked…

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policy changes

With so much going on in our world, beginning with our new president’s policy changes, I feel the need to write and share my thoughts in the hope of sharing ideas on how new policies could impact our lives in school and even after graduation. The Trump administration has made…

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The Role of Family and Community Involvement in the Development and Implementation of School Nutrition and Physical Activity Policy

The new evidence-based guidelines designed to promote physical activity and nutrition have not been adapted by the United States. As a result, despite large investments in research on lifestyle diseases, many individuals still suffer from lifestyle diseases. Kehm et al. conducted a study to identify the role that family and…

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Research and Debate

PRO: A commercial enterprise owner should be able to rent or fire anyone without interference from the government. I disagree with this proposition and assert that a business owner should be able to fireplace or hire an employee without the involvement of the government. The authorities has provided a framework…

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The delivery of public service is associated with a subtle disregard for the consumer.

The distribution of public services is synonymous with a subtle disdain for the customer. In this case, the writers examine a rare case of consumer culture in the public sector in Ottawa County. The tendency towards superior customer experience is generally a strategic benefit in the business environment. However, the…

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The least effective United States president in the 20th century

Woodrow Wilson will be the least influential president of the United States in the 20th century in relation to domestic politics spanning from the era of Woodrow Wilson to Eisenhower Dwight. Wilson was a strong leader when he came into power in 1913, but his flaws come with respect to…

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Recruitment policy

My recommendation to Tim is to reconsider his recruitment practices and standards as they are the key cause of the two allegations from retired workers. As a true friend of his, I will be honest with Tim by telling him that his work conditions are not effective for the driver…

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