Essays on Lobbying

The Impact of Lobbying Reforms

Lobbying and Corruption Lobbying provides valuable knowledge to societal issues and directs its possible solutions. However, when the reform become too close to money, it can result in corruption. Its attachment to corruption can, therefore, lead to possible reforms. Meaningful lobbying reforms consider the rights of every individuals to lobby but...

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Lobbying Influence in the European Union

For this paper, the interest will be on the nature of lobbying influence and possible ways of measuring it. As such, the first step involves coming up with a definition of the term. Together with the different studies done on lobbying, the number of research done on the influence of...

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Deregulation of Issues Related to the Environment

People are concerned about promoting the sensible growth of their economies. This progress is made possible by the exploitation of already-available resources, a significant portion of which come from the natural world. Individuals and lobbying organizations have been advocating for increased resource development in Alaska. Limitations on the extraction and...

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Media coverage of the Growth and Opportunity Party

The Growth and Opportunity Party's (GOP) tax plan has recently received extensive media notice, with its potential ramifications being incessantly debated. Public attitude on the tax proposal is diverse with many individuals thinking that its fast passage has resulted to restricted participation and scrutiny. The bipartisan Congressional Budget Office has...

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Lobbying as legislative subsidy.

The essay examines lobbying as a sort of legislative subsidy, in which policy intelligence and legislative effort are offered to selected politicians to encourage the fulfillment of specific goals. The article examines lobbying theories and offers an alternative perspective on lobbying as a technique of accomplishing political goals. What is the...

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Lobbyists in Legislation

Lobbyists are essential in helping legislators understand the advantages and disadvantages of passing and putting into effect certain pieces of legislation. The main point of contention has been the wisdom of this lobbying group function. Even while the discussion is open, it is clear that this task is just as...

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State Government - Pressure Groups

Organizations and Interest Groups Organizations that derive particular benefits by lobbyists from arms of government or politically associated organizations are referred to as interest groups (Interest Groups and State Politics. n.d.). Trade organizations, identity support organizations, public safety groups, global warming groups, and small companies are all examples of interest groups. The...

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Interest Community Forms, Lobbyists, and PACs

Introduction Politicians find it very difficult to win votes individually during times of intensive political campaigning without involving other individuals. Therefore, they come up with interest parties who will assist them to convince the electorate to vote for representative seats. Profit organizations, in particular advocacy groups, employ such accredited lobbyists who...

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