Essays on Foreign Policy

The Impact of Brexit on Japanese Companies

The issue of Brexit has been running for decades now. The relationship between Brexit and Japanese companies is explored in this essay as a case study. Specifically, the article will look at some of the impacts that will be felt by Japanese car manufacturers located in the UK. Some of...

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Policemen's Incidents

Incidents abroad involving the US military over the last five (5) years that can be linked to a post-Civil War foreign policy. The United States' participation in numerous international incidents over the past five years has demonstrated why they are regarded as the world's police officers. The status of police...

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The biggest persistent problem with US foreign policy today is North Korea's unrelenting pursuit of its nuclear programs, which it does with complete disdain for global security. In essence, because historically America has never established diplomatic relations with North Korea, mediation talks do not currently have a platform, and armament...

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The Historical Evolution of United States Foreign Policy

Foreign policies are tactics used by a government in its interactions with foreign countries. Treaties between governments, commercial agreements, and declarations of war are all examples of foreign policies. Foreign policies establish the terms of the relationships between various countries and enable peaceful cohabitation. When deciding on their foreign policy,...

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China’s Security

China is a weak state despite its stunning size and population, economic significance, and efforts to modernize its military. As a country, China is surrounded by strong adversaries and competitors. Understanding China's foreign policy necessitates a thorough understanding of the geostrategic problems that persist even when the country exerts an...

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Are Human Rights Still Relevant in International Politics?

Since the establishment of the United Nations, the human rights discourse has appeared to be an insular universe. It is regarded as a system with its own standards, methods, and institutions. It is also perceived as a domain of experts that has yet to resonate with ordinary people's daily activities....

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The Political Sociology

America depends nearly entirely on imported goods and services from the rest of the world to keep things running smoothly. To maintain the flow of all of this market without resorting to the use of armed force, the US has implemented an imperialistic foreign policy. The informal empire in the...

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The changing environment brought on by local, regional, and national dynamics is reflected in Iran's foreign and security policies. The foundation of its foreign policy was formed on ideological viewpoints. For instance, the notion that the country generally held that it bore the burden of world Islam and that victory...

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Hilary and Trump Debates

Hillary and Trump were asked questions about five foreign policy challenges and explained their views. Multiple questions surrounding the issue of international policy and foreign affairs were posed by the two contestants. As per this point of debate, immigration was a critical issue. The candidates were asked how they would coordinate...

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United States Isolationism and Interventionist International Policies

Between WWWI and WWWII, isolationism in the USA occurred, which was a consensus solution program that attracted support from political and social perspectives. In the Pacific and Atlantic Seas, the primary postulate could not be a total retreat, but an idea that the US could have maintained freedom from foreign...

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India’s foreign policy and how culture and ethnicity influence the legitimacy of this country.

The article discusses the foreign policy of India and how this country's legitimacy is shaped by culture and ethnicity. Essentially, in deciding what foreign policies represent India best, there are external and internal factors at stake. There are other dynamics in the domestic and international spheres, although such policies can...

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The Cold War influenced American foreign policy.

Since the Second World War, the Cold War controlled America's foreign policy. It was just Britain, the United States, and its allies who supported the policy. In 1947, a United States diplomat known as George Kennan established the method. The Soviet Union was described by Kennan as a belligerent, anti-western...

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