Essays on Foreign Policy

China's Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Today, the Chinese government has enhanced its foreign policy definition in the Middle East through its military intervention that involves arms trade, peacekeeping mission and anti-piracy operations in the region. The military is deployed in the region for peacekeeping missions and anti-piracy operations, which in turn is expected to boost...

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China- Africa Infrastructure Investment

The Aim of the Paper The aim of the paper was to find out the reasons behind the China-Africa infrastructural investment. Establishing the Drivers In order to establish the drivers, the researcher conducted an exploratory research examining what previous scholars had instituted using research objectives and questions. Secondary data thus became the main...

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The Role of Defence Diplomacy in India

Defense diplomacy entails a various activities that are done by countries or their defense institutions or other security agencies to promote their foreign policy interests (Cai, 2017). The model aims to advance broader foreign and security agenda through partnerships with international militaries on crucial decision and operation’s needs (Pashakhanlou, 2017)....

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China’s Role in the Middle East

China just like most Middle East countries had felt the impact of aggressive imperialism and can relate to these countries’ need to defend their sovereignty against foreign aggression. China seeks out new allies in the Middle East and developing countries who share its cultural revolutionary ideals. The Middle Eastern culture...

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Federalist Papers

Foreign policies are an integral part of states. The underlying purpose of foreign policies is the fact that they serve as a guide of what is happening in the international community about international relations. Foreign policies that are documented are often referred to as foreign policy doctrines. Foreign policy doctrine...

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R2P in China

Responsibility to Protect (R2P) emerged after the Rwanda mass atrocity in 1990 that necessitated intervention by the international community to prevent harm to human beings. The concept has continuously ascended in China and especially Beijing’s policies towards humanitarian crisis. The crises experienced in Syria, Darfur, and Libya elaborates China’s diplomacy...

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Role of Nationalism in Foreign Policy

Reading Suisheng Zhao’s treatise on “Foreign Policy Implications of Chinese Nationalism Revisited: the strident turn” brings the role of nationalism in foreign policy under focus. It focuses on the geopolitical relations between nations given their historical diplomatic relations and the change in foreign policy. The change in China’s foreign policy...

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Analysis of United States Foreign Policy

The United States since the end of World War Two (WWII) has been in a position to maintain its leadership throughout its allies. The leadership, as well as the homogeny of U.S is based on the mutual consent by its allies who include Western Europe, Germany, and Japan. The American...

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United States Foreign Policy Towards North Korea and Iran's Nuclear Program

The fact that North Korea and Iran have the potential to manufacture nuclear weapon is not just a threat to the global security, but it also undermines the capability of the United States as a superpower (Hoge 65). When a country can manufacture nuclear weapons, they can be used to...

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The Bilateral Relations Between China and Russia

Bilateral Relations and Foreign Policy Bilateral relations are agreements ties between any two sovereign states. These ties dictate the way of conduct of the political, economic, and cultural activities between the two countries. The two countries also exchange diplomatic agents in order to facilitate negotiations and adherence to the laid cooperation...

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The Importance of Diplomacy in The United States of America

At the end of the cold war, there was increased volatility of the economy within the country. Therefore, the emergence of the political movement out of the framework of territorial states suggests the importance of considering the territoriality of the states within the historical context (Agnew, 1994). Therefore, the conventional...

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The Role of Trade-offs in Foreign Policy Making

Foreign Policies and Trade-Offs Foreign policies govern the relationship between states or countries to attain specific objectives. Trade-offs form the foundation of most foreign policy making, especially in the US. These trade-offs may be grounded on such aspects as short-term and long-term interests, or human rights and political stability. In the...

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