Essays on Global Governance

The Role of Governance in Nonprofit Management

Governance is an important an aspect of every institution; the above notion is based on the role it plays in regulating the conducts of members of such organizations by providing well-established rules and regulations. In the course of societal development, a couple of factors has been introduced the concept of...

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Shared Governance Facilitates Collaborative Decision Making

The concept of shared governance is one of the most misunderstood in institutions. Accountability, process ownership, equity, and partnership are characteristics of shared governance. The healthcare industry is extremely sensitive since it directly deals with human life and health, necessitating greater caution when making critical decisions. The Accreditation Association for...

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What is Wrong With the Global Economic Governance and What is Right With It?

The term “global economic governance” refers to how individual states’ expanding powers impact international financial, monetary, and trade frameworks. In this view, the operation of such sectors is heavily influenced and assisted by politics rather than individual interventions. As a result, some recognized institutions, such as the IMF, have been formed...

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Dictatorship Explanation

Dictatorship is described as an authoritarian rule over topics of an organization or a nation. The definition of the term does not make clear whether dictatorship is a good or bad device of global governance, and therefore it is up to an individual to substantiate it. Most people link dictatorship...

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whistle blower protection act

The Whistle Blower Protection Act The Whistle Blower Protection Act has long been regarded as one of the finest features of corporate governance in the world. Much attention has been received for alerting the public and law enforcement authorities of any threat, theft, or criminal activity in organizations. The Whistle Blower...

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