Essays on Free Speech

The Concept of Free Speech in Ancient Greece

There are two primary concepts of the ancient Greek; Isegoria and Parrhesia, which influence the common aspect of free speech. Isegoria refers to the freedom of all the citizens to participate in public debates while parrhesia is a license for them to say whatever, whenever and to whoever they would...

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The Importance of Free Speech in Democracy

In the article, Ted Gup notes that his nonfiction writing class is “…a sanctuary of free speech” (Gup 2). What such an expression means is that his students are at liberty to utter absolutely anything during his class including even the N-word and the F-word. According to him, words should...

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Hate Speech

Free Speech and Hate Speech Free speech is considered as the freedom of communication for the people. It includes the liberty of the press and the people to say what they want/like and liberty for the people to assemble like protesting peacefully. Also, freedom of speech gives people the opportunity to...

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Why did Gorbachev choose the United Nations as his forum for this speech?

A pivotal role played by Mikhail Gorbachev in the end of the Cold War A pivotal role was performed by Mikhail Gorbachev in the end of the Cold War. He discussed a significant reduction in Soviet military expenditures in Eastern Europe in his address to the United Nations on December 7,...

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Douglass's Logical Argument Douglass makes a logical argument in his speech by drawing thoughtful inferences that are supported by sound reasoning. Everybody understands that slaves are humans, but they pretend to think that they are not, he says, using rational comparisons. (Douglass, 2017). At this point, he gives numerous instances, such...

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effective communication

Communication: Transmitting Information It is important to emphasize that communication is the process of transmitting information from source to receiver. A successful communication must ensure that the intended information reaches its intended recipient. This paper will answer four cardinal communicated related questions. Characteristics of Public Speaking It is important to emphasize that public...

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Ethics in Practice

Many people profit from the constitutional right to free expression. Although it is a part of the legislation, this provision is a frequent topic of discussion. Free speech is said to prevail over all restrictions, with the exception of instances where it is intended to hurt another person. How much...

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Freedom of speech - a constitutional right

The Evolution of the Right to Free Speech The first amendment of the US constitution includes the right to free speech as a constitutional guarantee. The fundamental idea underlying the cry for free speech was to live without the fear of going to jail for expressing one s opinions. The constitution...

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Free Speech: Canada vs. United States

Free speech is a crucial value that is inscribed in the constitutions of the majority of democracies across the world. However, different countries have varied definitions of what constitutes free speech, which is why different Supreme Courts will examine cases differently and reach different conclusions. Free speech has restrictions, much...

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Mandatory Union Fees/Dues

The First Amendment is a legislation that was created that prohibits Congress from adopting laws regarding religious establishment. As a result, there was no restriction on the free exercise of religion, free speech, free press, and the right to congregate and petition the government for redress of people's grievances. (Russo)...

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Who Controls The Internet; Illusion Of A Borderless World

In their book "Who Controls the Internet?" Jack Goldsmith, a law professor at Harvard Law School, and Tim Wu, a law professor at Columbia University, provide a detailed look and view of how the development and growth of the web and the era of free speech among people, confidentiality, and...

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“Ain‟t I A Woman?” by Sojourner Truth and “Sister Outsider”

Ain't I a Woman? is a speech delivered by Sojourner Truth in 1851 at the Women's Convention in Akron, Ohio. Truth highlighted her experiences as a woman living in a male-dominated culture, as well as as a black woman. In this context, Sojourner's repeated usage of the phrase "Ain't I...

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