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African-American History and Culture Gallery

The exhibition on African-American gallery was done on 19th October 2018 at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture. After visiting the museum, it helped me to increase my knowledge about the history of the African-Americans and their culture from slavery, through the Second World...

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The Role of Religion in Frederick Douglass' Narrative and James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time

This essay explores two historical accounts on racial injustices and slavery against the black community to evaluate their role in promoting equality in America – Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, by Frederick Douglass, and The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin. At first, the titles of...

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The Jim Crow Era and Its Effects on African Americans

I believe the story by Ellison is a good depiction of the Jim Crow era; through symbolism, the story seeks to depict how African Americans are struggling to overcome racial inequality. In essence, racism was a harsh reality for the black community where it served as tool to promote savagery...

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Zora Neale Hurston's Sweat

The Feministic Themes in Zora Neale Hurston s Sweat The historical, and cultural experiences presented in the short story, Sweat are characterized by feminism and feministic ideas. At the time of the short story, most African American entertainers praised the black culture and diversity. An American writer known as...

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Before, during, and after World War I, African Americans

African-American History During World War I African-American history experienced a major period during World War I. Although the war began as a European conflict, by the time it was over, significant transformational impacts were visible. The conflict had a significant impact on African Americans' social, political, and economic futures1. Understanding the...

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What does it mean to say that African American is a new world identity and that they created themselves?

African Americans: A New World Identity African Americans lack understanding of their native continent of Africa and are unable to identify with Americans, making them a new world identity. Once they arrived in America, they were unable to speak their native tongue and were forced to acquire a new language in...

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African American Studies Arts/Culture & Politics Relationship

History of African American Equality Movements History documents the enslavement of African Americans during the era of the slave trade as well as the general progressive fight for equality among Americans. It has been difficult to win the battle because there has been opposition at every political and social stage. Despite...

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Book Review: Sula

The book tells the tale of Nel and Sula's relationship and rivalry. Sula's narrative encapsulates African Americans' experiences in the country during the first part of the 20th century. (Stein 46). Black people in the United States experience extreme poverty, terror, and despair. After the Civil War, black people are...

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Education and Frederick Douglass

The white people in America enslaved Africans for a very long time. Lack of knowledge was the cause of this. The story of Douglass Fredrick, however, demonstrates that he was able to achieve independence after fighting for years to get an education. He therefore took the opportunity to free additional...

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Anne Moody and the Civil Rights Movement Anne Moody provides a thorough account of her involvement in the American civil rights campaigns in her book Coming of Age in Mississippi. She describes how she took part in demonstrations to combat discrimination against African American communities. The purpose of these civil rights...

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Serious problem for African Americans after reconstruction

Racial Segregation and Persecution Racial segregation and ongoing persecution have dominated African American history in the US. African Americans faced social, economic, and governmental barriers based on their race, immigration status, and preexisting beliefs about their inferiority. Black people were handled inhumanely and portrayed as non-citizens in the Southern States during...

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“Agonizing Groans of Mothers” and “Slave-Scarred Veterans”: Commemorating Slavery and Emancipation

The effect of slavery on black Americans The effect of slavery on black Americans is discussed in the article "Agonizing Groans of Mothers" and "Slave-Scarred Veterans": Commemorating Slavery and Emancipation by Leslie Schwalm. The essay focuses more specifically on how slavery affected the descendants of slaves and the black communities in...

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