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The Concerns That Art Historians Have

Any piece of art can be dated in a variety of ways by art historians. This also goes by the name of chronology. If a historian does not already know the date of a monument, they are unable to provide a specific date. However, historians have developed a variety of...

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High and Low Cultural Artifacts

It is a well-known truth that individuals in the twentieth century stratified their culture in a substantial way, despite the fact that historians disagree on what constitutes high culture and low culture (Cohen, 2010). The majority of individuals concur that high culture has reached its pinnacle in the world. Therefore,...

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David Livingstone - One of the Most Important Figures in History

British explorer David Livingstone was an important figure during the nineteenth century. His primary focus was Africa, where he sought to discover the source of the Nile and end the slave trade. The book was a bestseller in six months, and the explorer produced seven more editions in rapid succession....

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