Essays on Colonialism

Separation of the Church from Political Authority

During the colonial era, there were many church-state relations models in different sections of the United States that attempted to separate religion from political office authority. The Anabaptists, Pietists, and Puritans were among them. This essay compares and contrasts each of these models. The essay also explores the importance of...

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Kipling’s Poem White Man's Burden

Rudyard Kipling's 1899 poem 'White Man's Burden' was written in response to the American-Philippine War, which lasted from 1899 to 1902. He wrote it as an open invitation for the United States to colonize the Philippines. The poem's language suggested that white imperialism was the only way to deliver civilization...

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Essay on American colonization

The European colonization of America caused its people's lives, customs, and bloodlines to be eternally altered. During their exodus, the North American population was besieged by sickness and misery. In several cases, they fought with the European group that attempted to enslave them. The Tainos were the first indigenous community...

Words: 1687

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Slavery Abolishment Act

Slavery began in America in 1619 at Jamestown, Virginia, a British colony at the time. The American Revolution against the British in Delaware and Virginia in 1776 and 1778 witnessed the first hints of slave trade abolition. From 1777 through 1780, thirteen British colonies began a gradual emancipation of Africans....

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The Canadian identity

The distinctive qualities, culture, and circumstances that one associates with being a Canadian are referred to as the Canadian identity. Additionally, it contains the words and images that distinguish Canadians from citizens of other nations. The origins of the Canadian identity can be found in the early 17th century. The...

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Kenya is a country made up of 42 different ethnic groups, as well as various migrant races, Asians, Arabs, and white people who have all coexisted peacefully since their arrival. Being a colony of Great Britain, the nation has benefited from and borrowed many of the British Commonwealth traditions' modes...

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The Global Justice

The article focuses on the faults of colonialism, but from the standpoint of nationalism and the territorial rights of the various conquered nations' indigenous. However, it does not criticize colonialism solely on the basis of imperialist violations of nationality and national rights, but instead argues its position on the basis...

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Israeli Settlements Explained

Settlements are illegal Jewish-only communities created by Israel for its citizens after it occupied the land following the 1967 Six-Day War. The international world regards the settlement as illegitimate because the use of an occupying military power violates international humanitarian law. It is regarded as a barrier to a peace...

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Racism and Colonialism

To determine whether there are any beneficial features of colonialism, it is necessary to examine what colonialism entails. Colonialism is the act, policy, or dominating practice of a nation that wants to preserve its dominance over the people of neighboring countries. This act of keeping authority over another country is...

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Slavery in Louisiana and other Southern States

Before European settlers arrived, the inhabitants of Louisiana utilized people as slaves in their own country by capturing them from their encircled enemy. Spanish kings once controlled the region (Burin, 2008). When the French colonies arrived, they captured the region and gave it the name Louisiana. New Orleans, Biloxi, Natchitoches,...

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Effects of Colonialism in US

The ambition to rule and exert influence over the majority of the systems in which they are directly involved has always existed among the most powerful nations in the globe. The United States has maintained its hegemony over the world political system for many years. Due to the United States'...

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Comparative American Indian Societies

Between 1820 and 1871, the southeastern countries of the United States highlighted native American societies. Before different political, economic, and cultural influences were directed at them, indigenous cultures' lives and ways of life were peaceful. The role of hegemony is responsible for a significant percentage of the problems brought on...

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