Abortion Should Be Considered a Serious Health Issue

On November 20, 2016, Aljazeera published an article about the suffering that Kenyan women face due to unsafe abortions. The country’s current constitution, which was passed in 2010, is vague about whether abortions are legal. Abortion was made illegal in the first constitution, and women could be prosecuted. Many women…

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Kenyan Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

Kenya is unlikely to achieve equitable access to sexual and reproductive healthcare services by 2030 due to various historical, cultural, and socioeconomic factors that obstruct progress. The United Nations General Assembly adopted the 2030 Plan for Sustainable Development in 2015, and it included a new set of development goals known…

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Travel to South Africa

It was on the fifth day of July the year 2015 that my trip to Africa was scheduled. I used to be traveling to Kenya which is in the South Africa. This was an educational trip organized by my faculty as a reward for my excellent performance in the end…

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Kenyan writer and academic Ngugi wa Thiong’o

The River Between Chapter One: 1) Name the two “ridges” where this story takes place. Are these urban or rural areas? Makuyu and kameno, These places are extremely rural areas What did the great seer Mugo wa Kibiro predicts? He predicted that a snake that breathes fire will pass through…

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Religious Rituals in the Bukusu community

The Bukusu community found in western Kenya is known for her mystery custom of circumcision among the Bukusu young men. Played out every even year, circumcision is a transitional experience among the young men of Bukusu. Omukhebi, a professional in the field of circumcision, uses sharp sanitized blade known as…

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I am a graduate of the University of South East Kenya (S.E.K.U) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Physics in Educational Science. As a physics and mathematics teacher in your school, I would like to forward my application. I am a Christian, computer literate, team player, fast learner, and…

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