A ritual is a ceremonial that consists of many actions performed in a specific order. Yet, these actions are frequently performed depending on a certain tribe in a country and cannot be considered innate acts (Quantz, O'Connor, & Magolda, 2011). Various modes of expression are critical to the continuation of...

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Striking the pole results in more amusing situations, which helps anyone grow a sense of humor. The ritual has ramifications in other contexts since the ritual's expressions are more ironic because, to some extent, they elicit replication. The sociological roots of comedy can be traced back to family traditions, cultural practices,...

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Deep Play Notes on the Balinese Cockfight

IntroductionClifford Geertz s Deep Play Notes on the Balinese Cockfight is a cultural text that focuses on one of the most common rituals in the Bali region. Apart from studying the ceremonies, it also investigates the possible links between the men of Bali and the ritual. Geertz employs an interpretative...

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Religious Rituals in the Bukusu community

The Bukusu community found in western Kenya is known for her mystery custom of circumcision among the Bukusu young men. Played out every even year, circumcision is a transitional experience among the young men of Bukusu. Omukhebi, a professional in the field of circumcision, uses sharp sanitized blade known as...

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A Response

This article's thesis is the unexpected routine that astonished the author. The author argues that a version of packaged ethnic success was the ritual she experienced on her visit to Kaili. The author explains how, on that specific day, she witnessed an unusual ritual. Teenage girls were hired from the...

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