Representation of Racism in Black-ish

Over the past five years, Black-ish has become a famous comedy watched by families around the world. From a satirical perspective, the show depicts elements of social values, families, money, and life. Black-ish has received a significant amount of backlash, especially in the areas of race and culture, despite its…

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What Makes Offensive Humor Funny?

Have you ever asked if people find you rude or really didn’t see the joke? You are, however, not alone. Offensive comedy is intended to be amusing. Why is this so? Since it is amusing. It is made up with the purpose of making people with warped senses of humor…

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Importance of Laughter

Laughter stays to be one of the strongest medicine. Laughter unites people in a special way that triggers an emotional and physical exchange in the human body. Laughter protects an individual from the damaging impact of stress, diminishes pain, boosts temper and strengthens the immune system. When we were young…

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A comparison between Helena and Hermia

Helena and Hermia have specifically compared them, and have shown their character as individually portrayed by the author. Both characters have a good sense of humor that is shown by their dialogue. Hermia speaks of her lover’s wrath, but he still loves her, on the other hand. Helena replies that…

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