Audiovisual Translation of American English Humor

Humor is ubiquitous in everyday life and many studies present descriptive, discursive, quantitative as well as other types of analysis in examining the way elements in humorous extracts from American comedies such as Malcolm in the Middle, Shrek, and others, pass through linguistic as well as intercultural barriers in dubbed...

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The Impact of Gender on Humor and Personality

Selected Study: Humor and Personality by Justin Lehmiller and Allison Cipriano, the Ball State University. Link: Justin Lehmiller and Allison Cipriano conducted an online survey that sook to examine and evaluate people s humor and personality. The study involved characters who had attained the age of 18 years, male identity, United...

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Benign Violations: Making Immoral Behavior Funny

Violations that are regarded as a benign usually result in laughter and amusement. According to McGraw and Warren (1141), some factors can be used to predict whether something will be funny. Benign violations are those that do not threaten people’s beliefs and their worldview. Three situations have to be satisfied...

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The Humor of Daniel Harris' Light Bulb Jokes

The lightbulb jokes were innovated by Daniel Harries to highlight political problems that affected the society in the twentieth century. The humors involve factors such as immigration, bureaucracy in governments, and other elements that affect the social wellbeing. The jokes make use of electric equipment and this approach translates to...

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Neuroscience and Humor

HA! The Science of When We Laugh and Why By Scott Weems. New York: Basic Books, 2014. 190 pp The Efforts in Explaining a Joke The efforts in attempt of explaining a joke has been considered futile. This has made thinkers over the ages to come up with theories explaining comedy. This was...

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Theories of Humor

Humor is a dynamic word that can be defined and understood in various ways. Some define humor as a comic or an incongruous quality that is likely to amuse while others view humor as a faculty of comprehending what entertainment is. The dynamism of the perception of the word humor...

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Political Correctness and Satire

The use of Political Correctness to Achieve Communication Goals         Has the use of political correctness overpassed its mandate in allowing people to freely practice their right to expression? Very often, political correctness which can be described as the use of any language that simply tends to avoid insults arising from...

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Judd Apatow's comedy "Knocked Up"

Judd Apatow's comedy "Knocked Up" was written and directed by him. In June of 2007, the picture was released. Seth Rogen (Ben Stone), Katherine Heigi (Alison Scott), Leslie Mann (Debbie), Paul Rudd (Pete), and John Segel (Jason), among others, play characters in the film. It chronicles the lives and relationships...

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Personal experience on a plane

On a plane, I met this cheerful and gregarious guy named George. He is one of those persons you would like to be on a deserted island with since he is full of wit and enjoys talking (""The Basics Of Christianity""). George is married with two wonderful children and a...

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Humor Psychology

Most, if not all, of us appreciate humor. We watch movies, listen to our friends tell jokes, and even go to comedy shows. Many individuals today place a high value on humour. Many individuals, however, have historically criticized and viewed it adversely since they find it biologically weird and socially...

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Theories pertaining to humor in workplace humor

The two videos depict three different conceptions of humor. First, the films depict many behaviors that are representative of the superiority theory. For example, a manager who conducts the interview peeps the interviewee's shirt, as well as the case in which a management imposes on employees the requirement to appear...

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The Theories of Humor v

Impractical Jokers is a coercion-based joke reality show that launched on TruTV in which pranks were performed on the public in front of hidden cameras. The performance is unique in that the stars are unaware of their parts until they are performing them in front of strangers. The play depicts...

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