Analysis of "Parks and Recreation"

“Parks and Recreation” is a television sitcom that revolves around political satire in the United States. The show aired between 2009 and 2015and was made by Michael Schur and Grag Daniels (Moyer). It is centered on star Leslie Knolpe with the plot set in the fictional town located in Indiana....

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Soft Language

George Carlin describes soft language as mild terms that are used by people to cope with life problems is a sugarcoated way. Carlin states that “Americans have trouble facing the truth, so they invent the kind of a soft language to protect themselves from it.” Soft language can also be...

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The Role of Stand-Up Comedy in Colleges

Comedy on College Campuses Flanagan holds that the comedy that can be performed at contemporary college campuses are the ones that entertain the crowds and make them enjoy without offending even a single student. These comedians involved are those who understand political correctness and know the sensitive areas that should not...

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Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Error"

Classic and Modern Interpretation of Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Error" Classic becomes classic when it survives from one generation to the other constantly winning favor among the people. Moreover, current artistes tend to base their works on classical works such as poems, plays, drawings, and novels among others. A typical example...

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The Genres of Television Comedy

Television Comedy: Different Genres and their Descriptions Television comedy exists in different genres depending on the source of humor, the delivery method, as well as the delivery context. Many comedians can fit into several genres therefore the classifications tend to overlap to meet the needs of different fans. Comedy can be...

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Analysis of Slapstick Comedy

Slapstick (introduced by Mack Sennett) is a genre in itself, which constitutes absurd situations, broad humor, and vigorous and sometimes violent actions. Most of the structural composition of slapstick constitutes of male comics, who often are willing to be in a mess, pain or violence that form this kind of...

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The Importance of Theatre in Our Lives

Sketch Comedy and Improv Sketch comedy and improv are works of art which are often theatre-based. They, however, have a few differences, the first one being that sketch comedy revolves around a script, whereas improv is unplanned. While characters in sketch comedy know what follows during the event of the production,...

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An Analysis of Scott Weems' "Ha! The Science Of Why We Laugh"

The introduction of Ha! The Science of Why We Laugh by Scott Weems begins with a humorous anecdote regarding innovative comedian Lenny Bruce and sustain a high level of humor across the book, largely spanning a minor difference between revelation and entertainment (Weems 11). The author claims humor and its...

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The Role of Humor in Promoting Racism

Humor is a significant tool that is used in most societies to promote social cohesion and teach the social norms of a community. Humor can manage groups' identity boundaries, group affiliations, construct the public memory and reproduce ideology (Fulmer Nia 40). American comedies, for instance, are used in...

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The Role of Humor in Society

The Rhetoric of Humor The book of The Rhetoric of Humor by Kirk Boyle describes the questions which revolve around the central concept of comedic writing and the sense of humor among people. Additionally, the author states the relevant places to make when people laugh as well as the situations when...

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Rape Jokes by Female Comedians

The literature focuses on sexual assault in the American culture. Based on the study “America is a country where one in six women will be a victim of rape or attempted rape in her lifetime and only 3 percent of convicted rapists will ever spend a day in jail” (Boyle...

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Political Correctness and Satire

The use of Political Correctness to Achieve Communication Goals         Has the use of political correctness overpassed its mandate in allowing people to freely practice their right to expression? Very often, political correctness which can be described as the use of any language that simply tends to avoid insults arising from...

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