Fantastic Is a Word With a Long and Interesting History

A fantastic literary work is a piece of literature that presents supernatural forces in an ambiguous way. The concept of fantastic literature was coined by structuralist critic Tzvetan Todorov. In these works, characters and readers question the underlying logic. It is now possible to add two more Van Gogh drawings…

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Sanity Verses Insanity

Sanity is described as the capacity to think rationally and to have a clear mind, whereas insanity is defined as the failure to think rationally and the inability to distinguish between delusions and realities. Insane individuals are not permitted to communicate with any rationally reasoning entities and they are thought…

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Fantasy after Tolkien

Many fantasy writers believe that Tolkien was an inspiration for their works. Writers such as David Eddings, Stephen R. Donaldson, and Dennis L. McKiernan noted the impact of Last but not last, Gary Gygax remembered Tolkien as having had a significant impact on the development of the Dungeons and Dragons…

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Analysis Using Method of Criticism

The fear of rape hallucinations tends to be the most common among women. It is a subject that most women encounter at some point in their lives. Some could exaggerate the experience to depict it as traumatic and harrowing, provided that it happened at a period when men, in this…

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Flight in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon theme

Man has always desired to travel. He longs to fly into the skies like the birds to go anywhere his wings can take him. He creates contraptions that allow him to fly. For him, flying means being alive, being able to escape life, and learn new things. Man’s ability to…

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