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Any character essay will start by explaining the origins and meaning of the word "character". According to many character essays, this word is derived from Old French but has Greek roots. It means is a person or a mask. The ancient Romans called "persona" the mask worn by the actor before the performance: tragic or comic. Some essays define character as a subject of a literary action – a literary hero. Essays on character are quick to explain that, while creating characters, writers use various techniques and artistic means to portray a character, describe their appearance, flaws, traits, values so they could be perceived as a real person. Review our character essay samples below - we handpicked the best essay samples for you to enjoy!

Dantes Inferno

Dante Alighieri’s literary work Inferno is regarded as one of the most extensive works of religious and metaphysical literature. Its theological undertones are apparent in the story, with repeated references to death, purgatory, limbo, and heaven. The bulk of the characters of the poetical novel are often made up of…

Words: 1419

Pages: 6

Individual, Family and Community determining the Behaviors of Heroes

The actions of heroes in a given piece of literature are determined by their social and cultural roles. Suffering and ecstasy high light levels that heroes must progress through. External influences do affect how heroes communicate in a given work of literature. Concepts of heroism are well described in Homer’s…

Words: 1141

Pages: 5

Character Review

A story’s hero is a character who saves the day in the story so that the protagonist can use the character to carry out his storyline until the very end. According to Homer’s Odysseus, the lead character and hero of the story was Odysseus himself. He fought in the Trojan…

Words: 1103

Pages: 5

The Hobbit

Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Oakenshield are the two hobbit characters who experience the most significant changes in their outlook, behavior, and personality. Bilbo Baggins, the protagonist of The Hobbit, is humanlike and displays typical behaviors such as chewing pipes, hosting visitors, and consuming modern foods such as tea and cakes….

Words: 1407

Pages: 6

The Tale of Sohrab and Oedipus Tyrannus

Since literature is a common art form, many literary works have many parallels in terms of plots, vocabulary, and character traits of the characters. These parallels, though, are not apparent and can be traced largely to people’s daily physical, cultural, fiscal, and technological practices around the world. This article compares…

Words: 910

Pages: 4

Sherlock Holmes Adaptations

Sir Arthur Conan’s Sherlock Holmes series of stories has gone down in history as rich works of literature due to their adaptability in the fields of television, stage plays, and film. Over 125 years ago, Sir Arthur Conan introduced his readers to Sherlock Holmes. Despite the passing of time, the…

Words: 1184

Pages: 5

The Role of Ivan Bezdomnyi in Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita

Bezdomny means “homeless” in Russian, and it is the name given to a 23-year-old poet, Ivan Nikolayevich Ponyryov, in Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita. As he reappears sporadically in the book, he starts and finishes with him (Amert 600). At the beginning of the novel, he encounters Berlioz at the patriarch’s…

Words: 1403

Pages: 6

Blanches Character as an outsider

Tennessee Williams’ novel Streetcar Named Desire, like many others, focuses on the main character with distinct traits and a special outlook on life. The novel centers on the life of Blanche DuBois, a hero who seems snobbish, lonely, and confused, among other attributes that depict her as an outsider. Blanche’s…

Words: 983

Pages: 4

“Modern” man is an expression

The term “modern” man refers to the chronological transition in the characters in men’s general behavior from their childhood to their adulthood. The improvements are thought to be evident in a number of respects, such as level of inebriation and substance addiction, level of commitment in the household, and even…

Words: 875

Pages: 4

Transformation, feminism and gender role in society

This section presents the two main stories of the magazine, Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong and Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been. The two stories’ lead characters, Mary Anne and Connie, are also added. The thesis argument, which is important in the literary study of the text,…

Words: 2208

Pages: 9

“A raising in the sun”

Lena Younger, who is in her sixties, is undoubtedly a faithful matriarch of her kin. Lena, also known as “Mama,” is a capable and resilient mother to both Walter Lee and Beneatha. Her commitment to Christianity demonstrates this. Furthermore, Younger has a strong urge to improve the well-being of her…

Words: 1500

Pages: 6

Importance of being earnest and oroonko

Our character is solely determined by how we behave and how we enforce our will on those around us. In the novel, Oroonoko, the African Prince, is captured by the British along with his queen, Imoinda, whom he seems to adore. They were living happily on their land prior to…

Words: 1594

Pages: 6

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