Essays on Literary Criticism

“Under western eyes”

Mohanty, C. T. (2003). “Under western eyes” revisited: feminist solidarity through anticapitalist struggles. Signs: Journal of Women in culture and Society, 28(2), 499-535. The article is a reaction to criticism and feedback, as well as misunderstandings regarding Mohanty’s introductory post, “Behind Western Eyes.” The Women Studies program has been thoroughly…

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Why didn’t they teach this to me in school?

A book review usually analyses a literary work by explaining key textual points. The summary is succinct and precise, highlighting the literary work’s strengths and limitations. A book review, in this sense, aims to offer the intended audience a sneak peek of the book’s contents. As a result, this article…

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children literature reflection

Literature is important because it entertains readers and listeners alike. They are often given access to the collective knowledge and understanding of the ages. Children’s literature encourages reading by expanding the growth perspectives of young readers/learners. Literature further assists in enriching and expanding their education thereby stimulating thought. The course…

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“Under western eyes”

The article is a reaction to criticism and feedback, as well as misunderstandings regarding Mohanty’s introductory post, “Behind Western Eyes.” The Women Studies program has been thoroughly discussed in this paper. Furthermore, the article touches on the political knowledge of globalization and “deglobalization.” Mohanty has defined three separate models to…

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abelard and heloise letters

The letters exchanged between Abelard and Heloise date back over 900 years, but they are still very relevant in the field of literary criticism today. The letters discuss some intricate topics in the two’s lives after they met. From a metaphysical standpoint, it is clear that if Abelard and Heloise…

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Literary analysis on perception about colored people in America

Literary writings are characterized by the styles employed by the poet. In this case, literary style can be characterized as a linguistic pattern embraced by a writer of his or her own volition to serve an artistic function in transmitting a specific meaning. The author’s linguistic patterns are inextricably linked…

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Feministic Theory in Literature

Feminist literary criticism is informed by feminist philosophy. The criticism employs feminist concepts and philosophies to analyze literature vocabulary, with the primary goal of examining and explaining how literature portrays the male dominance paradigm by the manipulation of political, societal, technological, and psychological powers in literature. However, while feminist literary…

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Poetic Controversy

In several ways, the discussion of erecting “strict walls” to literature and artistic writings is fascinating. First and foremost, the issue of unfair or potentially discriminatory conduct portrayed by literary journals and other publishing outlets can be seen in the light of current political scandals that have arisen after a…

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Literary Criticism of themes in Marie

Marie especially referred to as Marie De France is an assembly of twelve poems authored around the 12th century. The central notion in the lyrics is love and courtliness, and particularly the protagonists are aristocratic ladies. In the narrations, Marie makes little efforts to present the message coherently all over…

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Literary Analysis of “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin

The short story “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin is a literary analysis of racism in the African American community. The work shows the gradual shedding of prejudice and its themes of music and religion. However, there are a few points that need to be explored to fully appreciate the story….

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An Analysis of My Antonia

In An Analysis of My Antonia by Janet Cardiff, the protagonist Antonia gives birth to a child that she does not consider to be legitimate. However, she does not hide this fact from the society and does not fulfill the expectations of her peers. Instead, she displays her illegitimate child…

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Krakauer’s characterization of Chris McCandless

Krakauer portrays Chris McCandless in his book into the wild as a reckless adventurer with risk-taking skills. He is portrayed as a very intriguing character who is driven to live a life that is not typical but exceptional. It’s difficult to imagine Christopher McCandless was an actual person who walked…

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