Essays on Principles

Values and ethics

Values and Ethics Every company needs values and ethics to function. Values are items that an individual, organization, or group regards as being extremely important. One needs clearly articulated values in order to realize their goal. Stewardship, care, professionalism, integrity, and teamwork are among the fundamental values that are necessary for...

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Trusts and Equity

The Concept of the Three Certainties The concept of the three certainties was first explained in the English case of Knight v. Knight (1840) 49 ER 58, heard by the Court of Chancery, where the testator had given his real and personal property in the form of the will. In this...

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Speaking of the Turks vs. the Principles of Turkism

Numerous books discuss Turkish history Numerous books discuss Turkish history, and each seems to have a unique perspective on the past. They each have distinctive tones and content that make them worth contrasting. This essay compares an excerpt from The Principles of Turkism by Ziya Gökalp, released in 1923, with an...

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Policy-making and Criminal Justice

The Process of Policy-Making The phrase "policy-making" was created by fusing the words "policy" and "make." A collection of principles that are created, for example, in a government to facilitate decision-making and aid in achieving a rational outcome can be referred to as policy. Making something means assembling various parts to...

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Cause and Effect

According to the law of cause and effect, there is a specific cause for every effect and a specific effect for every specific cause. Accordingly, every action in that situation will have a clear consequence that will eventually lead to another event by acting as a causal factor. As a...

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A Memorandum

A crime needs mens rea, or criminal intent, in addition to actus reus. This is due to the idea that someone should only be punished criminally for an act if they can be held ethically responsible for it. It is generally accepted that if someone performs an act accidentally and...

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Conviction According To Mens Rea and Actus Rea

Criminal Laws and Mens Rea Criminal laws are designed to control behavior by defining what is and is not permissible. These laws in some cases dictate what individuals must do. Although these laws are in place to safeguard people, occasionally people do not abide by them, which encourages them to commit...

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A pluralistic approach to moral theory

Attempting to reconcile the Greatest Happiness Principle and Kant's Second Formulation is a great ethical and intellectual exercise that yields some very intriguing results. The Greatest Happiness Principle is the foundation of utilitarianism, and it states that activities are only moral if they provide the greatest amount of benefit to...

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Principles of holistic nursing

Come and discover AND JOIN the one place where holistic nursing principles are formed and enhanced. In addition, meeting with other nursing professionals will help you expand your expertise and network. The American Holistic Nursing Association (AHNA) is a non-profit organization noted for its involvement in establishing holistic nursing as the...

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The difference between winning and succeeding by John Wooden

In his video "The Difference Between Winning and Succeeding," John Wooden addresses the fundamental principles of personal achievement. John defines success as "peace of mind obtained through self-satisfaction and considerable effort to do the best and better whatever condition that exists" (Wooden, 2016). John focuses on the most important factors...

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Cooperative Ownership

According to Nembhard, a cooperative is a company founded by individuals who band together to address a certain need (107). He explains that cooperatives boost low-income earners income by cutting the cost of necessities such as housing, food, and energy. This technique is realized through cooperative fundamental principles such...

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rule that governs our behavior on philosophies and principle decisions

Ethics and Decision Making in the Case Study Ethics is the guideline that guides our behavior based on philosophies and principle judgements about what is wrong or right. Ethics apply to any group of people, and ideas differ from one community to the next. Mike and Joanne, according to "Case Study:...

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