Essays on Principles

Ethical Approaches Annotated Bibliography

Human conduct is influenced by the techniques and principles that people adopt as a guide. Upbringing and societal ethics have largely influenced how people behave when faced with important issues (Velasquez et al., ""what is ethics? "" par. 5). Behavioral ethics studies how different people react when confronted with ethical...

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Influences of my academic interests

Many ideas in today's culture are mistakenly thought to be "excellent," only to be shown incorrect over time. A good idea is one that is particularly efficient at tackling a certain problem or obstacle. A good concept should have the following key characteristics: It must provide value in a way...

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Economic way of thinking founded on several principles

Many ideas underpin the economic style of thinking. People are supposed to be rational, which means that they choose the best decision. Scarcity of resources, the need to make a choice, and the opportunity cost are all important considerations when making economic decisions. The gain foregone by foregoing the next...

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Aristotle and Plato's Metaphysics

Metaphysics is concerned with the fundamental principles of things; it includes abstract ideas like identity, being, time, space, knowledge, and causality. It focuses on nature that exists beyond reality and cannot be perceived. Metaphysics seeks to explain the origins of life and everything within it. There are numerous approaches to...

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Ideology of Transhumanism Challenges

Modern technological advancements and the search of better human conditions have periodically raised eyebrows, arousing conflicting worries and varied reactions among scientists, philosophers, and religious groups. Scientific breakthroughs frequently draw the attention of other groups, such as religious groups, who believe that such developments or advancements violate particular social norms...

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Recovery Principles: Social inclusion and mental health

Recovery Principles in mental health involve health practitioners using a specific recovery plan to help and promote focused care and resilience in people with mental health disorders. These recovery concepts include not just the treatment and management of symptoms, but also a holistic recovery perspective that encompasses the patient's entire...

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Cultural diversity between hospital and community nurses

Nursing core concepts include dealing with individuals, families, communities, groups, and clients. Health promotion and risk reduction are fundamental principles in public or community health. Community health necessitates the use of contemporary knowledge acquired from social and biological sciences, as well as the participation of community health groups (Neis &...

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Foundations of nursing entail

Nursing foundations include knowing basic medical ideas such as the roles of specialists and the ethical principles that a practicing assistant should have. It also assists in identifying patients and understanding how to handle particular client circumstances. The history of nursing helps us understand the evolution of the discipline, how...

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Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

One of the most influential works on moral principles is Marcus Aurelius' thoughts. It emphasizes the importance of character for internal harmony rather than amusement, guiding and encouraging the essential challenges of human progress (Marcus 2). He can pick up good personal values and temperament management skills from his grandfather....

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Application of research findings to the nursing practice

Nursing principles in evidence-based practice are supported by trustworthy research findings. Nurses' duties are critical to evidence-based practice. For starters, nurses conduct the research that guides practice. Second, nurses are the ones who put the research findings' suggestions into action. Finally, nurses are in charge of maintaining a valuable knowledge...

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Theory of Samaritanism by Wellman

Political commitments, according to Christopher Wellman, have posed challenges to liberals since they have put pressure on individuals' liberty and countries have limited freedom through coercive laws. In Wellman's article, he uses Samaritan duties and the need for fairness to provide such a description. Yet, while I believe samaritanism makes...

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Geometrical behavior and testing

Shear strength is a factor that affects and influences soil stability as well as the soil s load bearing ability. Cohesion, internal friction, and angle of internal friction are the forces that define shear strength. The stretched material is assumed to suffer principal stress (1), minor principle stress (3), and...

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