Influences of my academic interests

Many ideas in today's culture are mistakenly thought to be "excellent," only to be shown incorrect over time. A good idea is one that is particularly efficient at tackling a certain problem or obstacle. A good concept should have the following key characteristics: It must provide value in a way that allows it to accomplish things better and more efficiently. The second quality is that for the idea to be good, it must be unique in terms of what it is bringing on board. It must be feasible, reasonable, and not contradict known established concepts. Finally, the concept must be cost-effective. For example, the value it brings must outdo the costs in terms of time and other resources. To conclude this, I can say that since problems are unique and time bound, an idea is considered to be good or bad basing on how best it can respond to the challenge at hand.

Influences of my academic interests

Medical discourse has changed my way of doing things in an excellent way. A medical consultant, for example after interrogating the patient within a closed room, with undivided attention to ensure confidentiality, he goes ahead to write to the patient instructions with a language and handwriting which can only be understood by another medic to conceal the patient. This is seen as professionalism to maintain their integrity. Again, they deal with patients in a very friendly and professional manner to restore hope. Also, they handle their work professionally. This has given me a different view of the world and taught me to be very professional in my academic work. It has also made me be committed to excellence and adherence to the code of conduct that governs my academic work. Continuous interaction with this discourse has forced me to take life serious and in turn, have transferred this seriousness in my academics. I, therefore, agree with Crossley that our social discourse carries a significant impact on how we behave in most cases.

How to verify what I know is true

I prove what I know is right by telling it the way it is, to communicate the truth to a responsive reader and when the reader and the recipient of my message interpret it rightly within the context. I can also know this by referring from various reliable relevant and factual sources. For instance, if what I am holding as truth is in the context of science, I will verify its credibility by using different scientific sources that contain information about it.

My credible source is the responsive reader, untrained minds, for example, children in class. I determine their credibility by reviewing their different interpretations just like the teacher’s response to the children’s writing and reader’s direct responses to the text. I shall look only for the truth, clarity, bare, and downright statement of facts that is shown in each particular, as far as I am able, what the truth of nature is and then seeking for the clear expression of it. A reader is credible if he or she assesses the text regarding how well it directs the mind towards objects, people, and events worthy of contemplation and how faithfully it represents their essential truth.

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