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The Impact of Narcissism on Snob Consumption Behavior

This section presents findings of the study to investigate the impact of narcissism, machiavellianism and psychopathy personality on snob consumption behavior and the influence of the psychological antecedents producing snob effect and its association with the consumers’ dark personality. Descriptive statistics will be used to discuss the findings of this...

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The Five Year Forward View of the NHS

The NHS is widely regarded as the proudest attainment of our modern society. The five year forward view is a product of the NHS published under the headship of Simon Stevens in October 2014 as a planning document. According to the King’s Fund (2017), the five year forward view was...

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Why I want to write my dissertation in another specialisation

If applicable: Give reasons why you would like to write your Final/Dissertation in another specialisation: Purpose of the form This form is designed for you to create a concrete research plan for your assignment. Give a brief description of what you want to know What is the central problem or question that you hope...

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My Decision to Study Medicine in Canada

I grew up in a culture where the family is important. Unlike the Western Culture, teenagers turning 18 years did not have to leave their homes and live independently. Education in our society is highly valued, and it was linked to honor and shame. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a...

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Audiovisual Translation of American English Humor

Humor is ubiquitous in everyday life and many studies present descriptive, discursive, quantitative as well as other types of analysis in examining the way elements in humorous extracts from American comedies such as Malcolm in the Middle, Shrek, and others, pass through linguistic as well as intercultural barriers in dubbed...

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Personality and Job Performance

Arguments for Caution in Using Personality Measurement Arguments for caution in using personality measurement to make inferences have been presented by Mischell (1977) in an evidence-based framework. In fact, Mischell (1977) is one of the ardent critiques of the social-cognitive hypothesis through the detailed discussion of personality traits. Mischell (1977) asserts...

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The Five Factor Model of Personality

The Five-Factor Model - A Tool for Studying Personality The five-factor model is a tool used for dimensionally studying personality. Aspects of the model considered include the specific variables in the model, other related models, and clinical applications of the model. The quality of the model is evaluated based on five...

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Personality and Its Impact on Individual Behaviors

Introduction Individuals personal life is influenced by their personalities which defines how one acts or behaves. The theories of personality often address aspects such as types and traits which help in comparing people presenting the notion that there can be some commonalities and individual differences such as the common structure of...

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A Comparison of the Reliability and Validity of Objective and Projective Tests

In the discussion surrounding psychological testing there is always a need to establish a distinction between personality tests and ability tests. Personality tests are centered on the process of measuring personal strengths, personality traits, symptoms of distress, attitudinal characteristics, and dynamic motivation. On the other hand, ability tests entail a...

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Personality Type: ISFJ

Personality type; Judging (25%) Introverted (6%), Sensing (1%), Feeling (28%)Based on the online test my personality type is ISFJ meaning that I have a slight fondness of introversion over extraversion, I have a marginal preference of sensing than intuition, I have a moderate fondness of feeling rather than thinking, and...

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The Impact of Higher Education on Personality

My personality has adapted and changed over time. My personality has changed positively due to the different way I view life since my exposure to higher education. This is due to the following circumstances in the course of my university education: Openness to intellect: My university education has indeed changed my personality...

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The Importance of Counselling in Ireland

The book, “First Steps in Counselling” was written by O’Farrell and first published in 1988 by the Veritus Books. Ursula was born of local solicitors named as Robert and Kathleen in 1934. She was born in Newcastle County of Limerick in Ireland. In 1956 she achieved a Bachelor’s Degree and...

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