Essays on Myself

My Experience with Team Projects

Discuss your view of and experience with team projects. Do you see team projects in a positive light, or not? Why? I always prefer working in a team, especially when tackling a project that requires different perspectives and opinions for its solution. While in a group I get the chance to...

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The Nomothetic Approach in Personality Assessment

Arguably, employee appraisal has become the cornerstone of any organization that is an option to hire employees in the current dynamic and most competitive world (Beckmann and Wood, 2017, p 1486). As importantly, the direct and albeit effects of personal differences and assessment in an organization has increasingly become the...

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An Interpretation of My Self-Assessment Results

The business environment has increasingly faced numerous changes over the past years, an aspect that has compelled the adoption of certain proficiency skills in the current work place environment. While employees have often adopted various skills and competencies to improve their productivity, certain skills have demonstrated to be effective and...

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The Importance of Being Human

I always communicate and behave differently from social media than I do face-to-face. Since no one can see me, I tend to act differently while interacting with people in the social media. For instance, sometimes I try to look all put together and perfect online which might not be the...

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Mae Holland and The Circle

The Circle, one of the most powerful internet company hires a woman in her mid-twenties called Mae Holland. On her first day at work, Mae marvels at almost everything in the company, “my God, Mae thought. It’s heaven,” (Eggers 1). Mae feels she has been given an opportunity of a...

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It Ain’t Easy Being Bisexual on Television

Amy Zimmerman, the author of It Ain’t easy being bisexual on TV, is an entertainment reporter at the Daily Beast. She wrote the article in the year 2014 when the subject of gay marriages and gay relationships was most prevalent. Hence her timing was perfect because her article got the...

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Grandma's Stories

When I was a kid, I remember some of my extended family coming over to our house, and my mother would prepare so many meals, and we would all gather at the dinner table and talk about our lives and what was new. I loved listening to the older family...

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The Role of Communication in Miscommunication

Miscommunication occurs almost on a daily basis due to poor communication skills and misunderstanding. Am experiencing miscommunications when I engage in different things while communicating for instance when I am drafting an email while listening to music. I have also found myself experiencing miscommunications when I engage in too much...

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Family Meal Time

Taking meals with family provides the opportunity to engage in conversations with family members. Spending time with family is fundamental and taking meals together helps give a chance to bond with each other. Listening to my family over meals when I was a child often made me forget the time...

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The Tale of the Ugly Duckling

The tale of the ugly duckling demonstrates the struggles of not fitting in based on a little duckling physical appearance. The duckling was different from its siblings on those around it, and that made it a target of ridicule, harassment, and mockery. The ducklings’ confidence and esteem were ruined, and...

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The Meaning of "I Can Be Right, Or I Can Be Happy"

One of the basic steps in understanding communication is to view it as peoples’ process instead of a language process. Thus, if an individual is to make improvements in his communication process, he/she ought to first improve his/her interpersonal relationship. Changing the degree of the defensive behavior is one of...

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Personality Type

Myer –Briggs personality test is comprised of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) whose purpose is to describe C.G Jung's Theory of psychological types and make it useful to people’s lives. It addresses two related goals in developing and applying MBTI instrument. The instrument includes identification of the four basic preferences in...

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