Essays on Myself

The most problematic ethical dilemma

The most challenging ethical quandary occurs as the doctor must determine whether to conceal or reveal the pilot’s medical records to the corporation. In this case, a famous airline pilot has a heart murmur. Provided that the pilot has only one month until retirement, the doctor must determine whether to…

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Types of Football Fans

In the month of October, football fans from all over Europe flock to action-packed stadiums to catch a glimpse of the action. With the demands of the Champions League, domestic competitions, and other cups, a live match can be expected every three days. Most people say that the English Premier…

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What should you give- and what should a billionare

Morality depends on cultural traditions, human values, and societal expectations that make up the world in which one develops. Therefore, what to give to support the poor is often a personal decision that depends on the intended intent of the act. The underlying dilemma that crosses one’s mind is how…

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Dead Men’s Path by Chinua Achebe

Dead Men’s Road by Chinua Achebe, a Nigerian poet, explains how a clash in cultural principles has emerged between the old Igbo Nigerian traditions and the westernized philosophy of Christianity. The tale is set in 1949, a time when the traditional culture was still high in Nigeria, though education and…

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The Amish Rumspringa: Traditional Beliefs

Traditional beliefs continue to dominate most parts of the world cultures. The Amish group is not left out as they have their unique way of going about things and rituals to traditionally introduce their young men into adulthood. Indeed this paper will emphasize the Amish people and their traditional Rumspringa…

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Ethical dilemma of rolling stones

The legal problem of the rolling stone case is the inability of the reporter Sabrina Rubin Elderly to obtain reliable evidence on the campus rape story. In this case, the elderly received intelligence from Jackie, a rape survivor who was not able to share full information (Coronel, Coll, and Derek)….

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Dr. Seuss’s Biography

Theodor Seuss Geisel, a cartoonist, and author is most recognized as a popular author of children’s book of the 20th century. Seuss left his Massachusetts home having attained the age of eighteen years in order to attend Dartmouth College. Here, Dr. Seuss was appointed to be the humor magazine’s chief…

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Religious values and morality

An example of a likely confusion between theological beliefs and ethical principles inside a commonly-held religious belief system is defining the distinction between religious values and morality. Religious values and morality are different belief structures that guide actions. Morality is a term referring to an active manner that controls an…

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How Technology is stealing our identities

Our identities, how we describe ourselves, and how we perceive ourselves as special individuals all play crucial roles in defining the kind of people we are. The personality encompasses the entirety of perception and intelligence that we learn regarding the individuals we are, as well as the development of attributes…

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie needs all of us to be feminists analysis

As the title clearly says, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie wants all of us to be feminists. It is a major stupendous claim to require that anyone incorporate feminism into their own individual personality, but she places her argument to interest the listener by using expository structures. She explains why and how…

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Representation of Racism in Black-ish

Over the past five years, Black-ish has become a famous comedy watched by families around the world. From a satirical perspective, the show depicts elements of social values, families, money, and life. Black-ish has received a significant amount of backlash, especially in the areas of race and culture, despite its…

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A Visual Rhetoric Analysis- Rosie the Riveter

Visual rhetoric is a picture or short video clip that is intended to convey a particular message to a specific audience. It is deriving meaning from images in the same way as one can derive meaning from verbal or aural signals, and it can be said to be a change…

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