Essays on Ethical Dilemma

about business ethics

Workers make decisions at all levels of the organization, whether on the front lines, at the center, or somewhere in between. When working in various capacities, all staff are at risk of encountering ethical quandaries. Having the expertise and experience to solve ethical quandaries will greatly improve decision-making while holding…

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character laps and ethical dilemma

Ethical dilemmas are situations in which a person must choose between two options, none of which solves the problem in a morally satisfactory way. According to the video by OLCU601 (2016), personal and societal decency guidelines cannot produce satisfactory results for the individual choosing the available options. As a result,…

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Bribery in Society

Bribery is a huge ethical dilemma that exists in our society. However, despite the truth that bribery is usually viewed negatively, it can be addressed from different perspectives. This paper focuses on exploring whether or not bribes are a good or bad phenomenon with the use of ethical relativism concepts…

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story of Costco’s fish

Cisco depends on farmed salmon in order to keep fish prices as competitive as possible. However, due to the way the salmon are treated, this method of farming is regarded as one of the most dangerous aquatic processing methods. The salmon farms are made up of open-net cages in which…

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For a long time now, science and theology have been at odds. The legal quandaries we face today are analogous to the fundamental elements in Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein. Such philosophical quandaries include the invention of the ultrasound system and selective abortion, the latter of which is a product of…

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Ethical Lapse and Dilemma Differences

Ethics refers to the collection of principles which together decide how a person conducts himself or herself in a particular decision-making situation. Unable to divorce ethics from morality. There is an ethical dilemma if a person has to decide between two possibilities or decisions without being faulty about the alternative….

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The most problematic ethical dilemma

The most challenging ethical quandary occurs as the doctor must determine whether to conceal or reveal the pilot’s medical records to the corporation. In this case, a famous airline pilot has a heart murmur. Provided that the pilot has only one month until retirement, the doctor must determine whether to…

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Ethical dilemma of rolling stones

The legal problem of the rolling stone case is the inability of the reporter Sabrina Rubin Elderly to obtain reliable evidence on the campus rape story. In this case, the elderly received intelligence from Jackie, a rape survivor who was not able to share full information (Coronel, Coll, and Derek)….

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Five Steps Process for Resolving Ethical Dilemma

The ethical dilemma is characterized as a complex situation and circumstance that requires a disagreement between mental and moral imperatives in which one decision to comply results in the breach of another. Pollack described the 5-step method of rational reasoning that is used to overcome the ethical problem, which involves…

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Dilemma of Ethics

The ethical challenge is to choose from a variety of potential options, none of which can provide a perfect solution. Ethical dilemmas must occur during the course of the work in the social sector. Social workers therefore need to have high decision-making capacities, which will allow them to explain their…

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