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Writing a values essay is quite tricky. Values essays usually define values as personal moral and behavioral standards and principles that guide a person through life and become a base for judgment of the surrounding world, people, and themselves. Values take the most important place in the life of a person and society. Essays on values recognize that values have huge special significance, especially in the transitional periods of social development, when social transformations lead to an abrupt change in the value systems. Society’s values determine society’s development. Values are usually divided into two categories – material and spiritual. Review our values essay samples – they will come in handy when writing your own essays on this topic – we made sure to only include the most informative essay samples below.


Tolerance refers to the act of not interfering with or conditional acceptance of behaviors or values that people consider incorrect but bearable because they are not limited. Individuals may talk of an institution or association being tolerant, friends being kind of one another, a country being tolerant of a minority…

Words: 1665

Pages: 7

Values that are applied

Every individual’s application of modesty, honesty, and integrity is crucial. The three social principles are critical in people’s interactions in a variety of settings. It is important to me that I treat people with the respect and honesty that they deserve in any action I take. The principles are evident…

Words: 254

Pages: 1

Reflection on Values and Ethics

I am a God-fearing, hardworking, and respectful person who believes that family comes first and that everyone should aspire to reach their God-given potential on this planet. Personal ethics and morals, in my opinion, are a vital part of one’s life. Having a moral compass and ideals affects a person’s…

Words: 1599

Pages: 6

Protest Art

Artwork is used to express humanity’s values, habits, thoughts, and morals. Protest art, on the other hand, refers to any artistic work that is motivated by a desire for social change (Groys 2). Writers and artists use protest art to challenge the current state of affairs, typically in contrast to…

Words: 1204

Pages: 5

Thematic Paradigm

Professor Robert Ray explains the contribution of American film in depicting trends and ideals in culture in his essay “thematic model.” Ray explores the general characteristics of American film, namely, heroes. According to Ray, in American films, there are two types of heroes: the official hero, who is more family…

Words: 622

Pages: 3

The Cultural Revolution

The Cultural Revolution has impacted someone’s life. Their cultural backgrounds influence human beings’ lifestyles and living methodologies. It is essential to understand the ideals and norms followed within a given culture because they impact the overall life of a human being born into that culture or who has lived there…

Words: 718

Pages: 3

Values of the Christian World

Before Jesus came to earth, man was governed by the law, which was designed to condemn him. Man is now free as a result of Jesus Christ’s birth and death. These verses describe man, God, and what man can do to become like God: God is holy, but man is…

Words: 756

Pages: 3

The Virtue Ethics Theory: A Critique

Ethics are morally upright behaviors or characteristics. However, due to differences in ideals and cultural views, the definition of ethics has been disputed. Virtue is a positive personality trait that attracts people. The definition is profoundly embedded in a person’s core beliefs, values, perceptions, and interests. Because of their goodwill…

Words: 1210

Pages: 5

Qualities that demonstrate the value of family in Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine As Coontz (2016) points out, family values is a foundation that binds us together and keeps us safe in both good and bad times. In the film Little Miss Sunshine, I have extracted qualities that demonstrate the value of family and the need for unbreakable bonds. The…

Words: 1499

Pages: 6

Honesty, accountability, and modesty

There is a set of values that a person must be able to adhere to at all times in life. These social principles serve as a set of guidelines for an individual’s actions and define how he or she interacts with other members of society. In my opinion, there are…

Words: 253

Pages: 1

Race and American Ideals: A Great Contradiction

Instead of leveraging the diversity provided by various races, the experience of race in America has greatly contradicted the collection of values. Due to its mixture of races and citizens of various religions and socialization, the United States is the most diverse country on the planet. Historians claim that America…

Words: 2123

Pages: 8

All Lives Have Equal Importance

Some lives are commonly categorized as meaningful or not meaningful, whereas others are described as more or less meaningful. People have a tendency to believe that certain lives are more meaningful than others for some reason. The question of how one comes to the conclusion that certain lives are more…

Words: 1400

Pages: 6

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