Essays on Jesus Christ

Christ as The Good Shepherd- Mausoleum of Galla Placidia

The Christ as the Good Shepherd- Mausoleum of Galla Placidia is a late antiquity depiction of Christin architecture. This Christ-lens was installed at the north entrance of the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, a Roman structure in Ravenna, Italy. It is listed as one of the best preserved and earliest mosaic…

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Reflection Exercise

Calvin connects faith to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. He claims that by confidence, one can be admitted to the kingdom of heaven. Calvin believes that God expects people to do the right thing in accordance with His will. When a guy goes against His will, he is vulnerable…

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Values of the Christian World

Before Jesus came to earth, man was governed by the law, which was designed to condemn him. Man is now free as a result of Jesus Christ’s birth and death. These verses describe man, God, and what man can do to become like God: God is holy, but man is…

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Religion is the robust belief and worship of a supernatural being or god. Religion is part of the human society. Research shows that religiosity has had each positive and negative impacts on human life. This paper examines the transformational have an impact on of Christianity as one of the major…

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Poem Reflection

My first reaction is a feeling of overwhelming familiarity with what is going on in our culture. The first person is most likely Caucasian. He scans the crowd and spots a ‘black’ person. He is a bigot who only aids members of his own race. The second person is a…

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Hypothetical Situation Daniel Dennett is a philosopher.

Daniel Dennett’s article “Where Am I?” highlights a key issue that philosophers have grappled with for centuries. Despite the fact that debates on the subject of personal identity have taken place in both ancient and modern philosophical circles, defining it has proven difficult (Nimbalkar 268). On the subject, various points…

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Pope Francis’s Evangelic Gradium relationship and Haque’s Idea of Betterness

In his most famous exhortation, Evangelii Gradium, Pope Francis proclaims the message of redemption by persuading all to turn to Jesus and confess their sins. This wonderful paper would have a significant effect on the lives of future generations. He believes that those who meet Jesus and achieve his redemption…

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Christ the Good Shepherd, Ravenna – Art Criticism

The Christ the Good Shepherd is an photograph that depicts Jesus Christ a good shepherd laying down his life for the sheep. The mannequin draws inspiration from the bible as there are some imagery evident it the piece of the artwork that also appear in the Bible. The e book…

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Essentials of the Gospel

A worldview is simply a way of perceiving reality; it is how people perceive the world around them. A worldview implicitly represents humanity’s perspective on the universe. Since perception is subjective, each person’s understanding of the world is special. Human beings make choices about their lives, values, and how to…

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Essentials of the Gospel

A worldview is a term that describes the foundation of truth that society uses to perceive and coexist. A worldview implicitly represents humanity’s perspective on the universe. While everybody has a worldview, it is exclusive to them. Humans make choices about their lives, values, and how to live based on…

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Galileo’s Shadow

The book “The Shadow of the Galilean” was written by Gerd Theissen and published by Fortress Press. The revised edition, with the ISBN 0800639006, was published in 2007. The 232-page text is narrated by a third person and provides a historical fictional account of Jesus’ life. Andreas, a Jewish merchant,…

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Ephesians Situation and Purpose Analysis

People in Ephesus, where the Ephesians lived and where Artemis lived, did various ungodly things, such as worshiping gods and engaging in both unethical and immoral practices. God’s primary purpose in sending Paul was to bring the gospel to the world’s communities and preach about how Jesus Christ died so…

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