Essays on Jesus Christ

Essentials of the Gospel

A worldview is simply a way of perceiving reality; it is how people perceive the world around them. A worldview implicitly represents humanity’s perspective on the universe. Since perception is subjective, each person’s understanding of the world is special. Human beings make choices about their lives, values, and how to…

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Essentials of the Gospel

A worldview is a term that describes the foundation of truth that society uses to perceive and coexist. A worldview implicitly represents humanity’s perspective on the universe. While everybody has a worldview, it is exclusive to them. Humans make choices about their lives, values, and how to live based on…

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Galileo’s Shadow

The book “The Shadow of the Galilean” was written by Gerd Theissen and published by Fortress Press. The revised edition, with the ISBN 0800639006, was published in 2007. The 232-page text is narrated by a third person and provides a historical fictional account of Jesus’ life. Andreas, a Jewish merchant,…

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Ephesians Situation and Purpose Analysis

People in Ephesus, where the Ephesians lived and where Artemis lived, did various ungodly things, such as worshiping gods and engaging in both unethical and immoral practices. God’s primary purpose in sending Paul was to bring the gospel to the world’s communities and preach about how Jesus Christ died so…

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Christian theology

Christian theology illuminates a variety of topics that affect human life. It teaches Christians, in particular, to allow their faith in jesus christ to explain certain issues, especially when it comes to death. Death is a subject that both believers and non-believers have several concerns about. Allowing one’s faith to…

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Christmas Holidays Commercialization

The concept of Christmas has changed over the years and this change can be attributed to innovation in entrepreneurship and commercialization. The true which means of Christmas, which was anciently marked as a holy day to celebrate the birth of Christ has modified its meaning over the years. Instead, most…

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Christmas period

By definition, Christmas refers to the time of annual festival that people use to commemorate the Jesus Christ’ birth. Most commonly, this time is observed on December 25 every year as both cultural and religious celebrations among the multitude of people globally. A feast central to the liturgical year of…

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For Christians, Jesus is the ultimate role model

The ultimate model is Jesus for Christians; he is the individual whose personality, actions, example and norm all can imite (Blanchard and Phil 18). According to the Bible, “Because God had previously known his people, he chose them as his Son, so that he would make his Son the firstborn…

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Christian World Values

Jesus has taught many virtues that Christians should follow in their daily lives. In Matthew 5:21-24, the key message of Jesus in these four verses is that people’s inner motives, emotions, and feelings are as significant as their external actions. For eg, Jesus equalizes murder by harboring rage toward other…

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Christian Worldview

I was conceived and raised as a Christian. I knew there was death and the revival of Jesus Christ. I was brought into the world in a Christian family. For example, on my journey as a Christian I experienced alternate point of view as what a Christian is. In spite…

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Anti-Semitism and Medieval Europe

The anti-Semitism has been represented through hatred, biases and bigotry against Jews because of their legacy and popular belief that they have killed Jesus. Since the days of previous culture, the Jews have known this hate for a long time. They were expelled from the major cities through resentment of…

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