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Religious, Linguistic, Racial, Ethnic, and Social Origins within the Roman Empire There was a wide range of religious, linguistic, racial, ethnic, and social origins within the Roman Empire. The bulk of Romans turned away from polytheism and toward monotheistic cults and religions in the second and third centuries. This marked the...

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Augustan Poetry and Sensibility

The Augustan Verse and Sensibility Movements The eighteenth century, under the rule of Caesar Augustus of the Roman Empire, saw the composition of the Augustan verse that is found in English literature. The poetry of the Augustan period reflects the political and social activity of the time. The poems were satirical...

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How is Roman art reflected in early-Christian art?

The Development of Christian Art in the Roman Empire The start of the third century and the close of the second century are key dates for the development of a recognizable Christian art. When taking into account the Old Testament's restrictions against grave images, it is imperative to think carefully about...

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The Roman republic

The Fall of the Roman Empire The Roman republic lasted for nearly 500 years, and its collapse is regarded as one of the pivotal moments in Western history. The majority of historians attribute the fall of the Roman Empire to a variety of causes, including natural catastrophe, oppressive taxes, and military...

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Roman political system

The Roman Republic The Roman Republic was a period of the ancient Roman civilization that lasted from the fall of the Roman Kingdom in 509 BCE until the founding of the Roman Empire in 27 BCE. Rome's dominance over the entire Mediterranean region was established during that time, expanding from its...

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Fall of Roman Empire

In 27 BC, Octavian Agustus established the Roman Empire, which grew to a maximum area of 6500000 square kilometers. The Western Roman Domain collapsed and failed to enforce its laws, leading to the division of the vast territory into various successor polities, which is when Rome fell or the Roman...

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The Byzantine Empire

When Constantine, a Roman Emperor, established Constantinople as the Roman Empire's new capital in 330 CE, the Byzantine Empire was first known as the Eastern Roman Empire. The Eastern Roman Empire, which had many traditions, the military, literature, and education among other things, endured while the Western Roman Empire fell...

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The role of the cultus deorum in ancient Rome's pagan society

The Cultus Deorum in Ancient Rome The term "cultus deorum" applies to all of the rituals and cults practiced by Romans. Roman religion was organized and obviously related to the State, unlike the religions of other countries at the time. The Romans were pagans and worshiped many deities. They practiced various...

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The history of Italian food

Italian Cuisine and its Origins Italian cuisine has a long past that begins in the early days of the Roman Empire. The quality and recipe stayed largely unchanged, despite some changes. Numerous political periods have had an impact on Italian cuisine. Despite the diversity of modern Italian cuisine, pizza and pasta...

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The military victories of Charlemagne

Due to his war successes, Charlemagne's influence practically spanned the entirety of the Western Christian world. He governed as a Frankish king over Gaul, Germany, Italy, and the surrounding countries. The nations of Western Europe have preserved the memory of the former Roman Empire, which the administration of Charlemagne can...

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How the Mediterranean region and/or Europe would have evolved differently if Carthage had won the Punic Wars instead of Rome

First, it's crucial to understand that the first Punic War, which Rome ultimately won, led to the two that followed. Rome would not have expanded into the western Mediterranean if it had lost the first Punic War to Carthage. Sicily would most likely be a part of Carthage, whose fleet...

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First Council of Nicea

A collection of bishops met to form the "First Council of Nicea" in Bythanian in Nicea. In the year 325 AD, Roman Emperor Constantine I convened the council. There was a significant split between the Christians and the Romans at this time. This council was viewed as a first step...

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