Essays on Alexander The Great

All who write Alexander the Great essay can not deny that he was a man who left a mark in the world’s history. Samples of essays on Alexander the Great tell us that he was a legendary ruler, a great commander, an excellent diplomat and politician. Alexander the Great most fully embodied the Greek ideal of a courageous warrior who knew not only the war of sword and spear but also the war of word and thought. This man was not just brilliant in military affairs – he was wise despite his young age and an experienced warrior, who never engaged without a plan. Alexander the Great essays often showcase his courage and dignity. History and essays depict him as an invincible commander and a wise statesman who in a way became a hero that the ancient world has been expecting for so long. Take a peek at our Alexander the Great essay samples and learn more useful info for your essay.

What makes Alexander the Great the first superhero of Western culture?

Alexander the Great is revered as the hero of western culture for his numerous conquests and diplomatic approach. (Callisthenes, and Stoneman 45). The Persian Empire, which was at the time the largest and was surrounded by powerful kings and warriors, was eventually conquered by Alexander with the help of his...

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Biography of Alexander Hamilton

On the British territory of Nevis in 1957, Alexander Hamilton was born. He immigrated to the United States when he was a teenager, where he is now regarded as one of the nation's confusing dads. He is best known for his contributions to the American Revolutionary War, the constitution's writing,...

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Alexander the Great

After Philip of Macedonia was killed and Alexander the Great ascended to power, he only had twelve years to become one of the most notable kings. He established control over the European Balkans, attacked and overthrew the powerful Persian kingdom, and subdued populations in India, Afghanistan, and central Asia. He...

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The Hellenistic Era essay

The Hellenistic era is basically the time span from Alexander the Great's passing in 323 BC until the rise of the Roman Empire, which was established by the Battle of Actium (Shipley 255-59). Greek culture had a significant impact on many areas of the world throughout this time, including Europe,...

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Alexander the Great and His Kingdom

Alexander the Great managed to sweep through Asia and eastern Europe with the fierceness of a lion and the bravery of a tiger. He was believed to have been a son of the gods. Alexandra was exceptionally clever and a military genius. His military battles gave him great prestige, wealth,...

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Cultural Survey of Hellenistic Greece

The Hellenistic Period of Greece consists of the years between the reigns of Alexander the Great of Macedon (336 - 323 BC) and Augustus, the first Roman Emperor (31 BC – 14 AD). During this period, there was the establishment and consolidation of quite a few monarchies, which spanned from...

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