100 Persuasive Essay Topics to Start Enjoying Academic Writing

Hundreds of students look for good persuasive essay topics every day. There is nothing surprising as writing papers is a common task teachers assign. They love persuasive essays in particular because these sharpen critical thinking and stimulate creativity. This is the kind of writing where you prove your argument and persuade your audience. Your claims should be supported by evidence, but ultimately, persuasive essays can be less objective than argumentative ones.

For the most part, you should rely on the power of your persuasion, even if your persuasion topics are silly or downright wrong. That’s the fun and importance of such tasks: students can practice their ability to be convincing, and the grade they’ll receive will be the reflection of their success. If you know how to select strong evidence, be creative, you’ll write great essays. But first, you should choose an interesting topic, and that’s where problems could start.

Tips For Choosing Interesting and Easy Topics

If someone is looking for topics to write a persuasive essay on, passion toward a topic is the most solid foundation of success. If you have deep interest in a specific subject, you stand a better chance of making others see it in the same way. Sharing your vision is a skill, and you can gain it after thorough practice. So, when choosing topics for persuasive speech, start going through your preferences. What are you interested in? Maybe you were engaged in some debate on Reddit, YouTube, or similar sites — what were they about? If you have a favorite movie, think about its characters: perhaps you could find a topic based on their interests. Same goes to your friends and family members — they could offer cook ideas you haven’t considered before.

Another tip concerns the amount of research available on certain persuasive writing topics. Before settling on anything, you should make sure that there are enough studies you could use for supporting your point. If you really want to explore a subject but no scholars have worked on it before, this won’t be a good idea, at least not for a general college essay. In addition, your topic should be narrow. This is a crucial tip: don’t be distracted by the thought that general theme is easier to explore. You must present a specific and narrowly defined argument, so, for example, if you’re interested in food, don’t just write about it as a whole. Focus on healthy or harmful food, on allergies, etc. This way, you’ll have a catchy subject to research.

100 Best Persuasive Essay Ideas

We picked ten large categories and came up with 10 cool topics for each of them. Read through them all — we tried to make them both engaging and refreshing. Feel free to use anything that you feel you might be interested in exploring.

Social Issues Prompts

As a society, we face constant problems and arguments, and not all of them are resolved despite the modern development. Here are persuasive argument topics on this issue.

  1. Are Stereotypes Helpful In Assessing People’s Personalities?
  2. No Photos of Celebrities Should Be Published Without Their Agreement
  3. Life Conditions Deteriorate Every Year
  4. Bringing a Child Up With & Without Punishments: Which Is Better?
  5. Rudeness Help People Succeed More Than Politeness
  6. 4- vs. 5-Day Work Week: What Is the Best Model for Modern Generation?
  7. Tired People Become Depressed More Often
  8. Email or Letter: Better and More Effective Way of Communication
  9. Any Proven Case of School Bullying Should Result in Immediate Expulsion
  10. Special Communication Courses  Should Be Started for Socially Awkward Children and Teens

Persuasive Essays Topics on Nature and Animals

It’s difficult to find a person who doesn’t like animals, but how about researching them? Take a look at the best persuasive essay topics below.

  1. Eating Meat Is a Mild Form of Animal Cruelty That Should Be Punished
  2. Usage of Animals in Vaccine Testing Must Be Stopped As Soon As Possible
  3. Nature Preservation Lectures Should Be Obligatory for People of All Ages
  4. Police and Other Service Animals Should Receive an Actual Salary
  5. Visiting Pet Shelters & Helping Them to Exist Should Be a Law
  6. Earth Would Feel Better Without Humans Living on It
  7. What is the Worst/Best Pet in Existence?
  8. Should Euthanasia for Pets Be Illegal Even If They Are Gravely Ill?
  9. Snakes Are Writers’ Best Friends
  10. Diapers in Their Current Form Are Dangerous and Their Production Should Be Stopped

Medical and Healthcare Prompts

Making sense of medical ideas for persuasive essay can be tough — they require patience and knowledge. But on the other hand, this fact just makes them all the more interesting!

  1. Medical Checkups Should Be Free
  2. Being Mentally Ill Has Become a Trend Among Teens
  3. Numbers of Cases of COVID-19 Are Exaggerated For Financial and Manipulation Purposes
  4. Medical Case of David Vetter: Parents Had to be Stopped by the Personnel
  5. Information on Marijuana Usefulness Should Be Promoted Internationally
  6. A Vaccine That Has Not Been Studied For At Least Two Years Is Inadmissible
  7. Medical Stereotypes Aren’t Harmless, They Are Deadly
  8. Medics Should Promote “Make Alcohol Illegal” Campaign
  9. Nurses Will Never Be Replaced by Computers
  10. Family-Assisted Suicide for Medical Reasons Should Never Become Legal

Controversial Ideas

Exploring heated themes is both challenging and exciting! Look at good topics for a persuasive essay of this kind.

  1. Promotion of Homophobic & Racist Stereotypes Should Be Considered Hate Speech
  2. Looting During Protests Is A Serious Crime That Has to Be Punished Regardless of Circumstances
  3. The World Should Maintain The Current State of Quarantine For Over a Year
  4. USA and Russia Should Become Allies
  5. Rumors Around COVID-19 Are Worse Than the Actual Problem
  6. Talent Does Not Exist: Anyone Can Do Anything with Practice
  7. USSR Was The Best Place for Living
  8. Men Must Have No Say In Anything Related to Abortion Legality
  9. Incomes of the Rich Should Be Disclosed Publicly
  10. Cremation Should Be the Only Acceptable Way of Burial These Days

Politics and Government Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas

Do you enjoy discussing, investigating, and cursing politics? If you do, you might enjoy looking through ideas for persuasive essays below.

  1. Single Parents Should Receive Increased Governmental Support
  2. Governments Whose Countries Start Wars Should Be Automatically Dismissed
  3. Past Countries of USSR Should Unite Once More
  4. Dishonest Political Campaigns Should Be Considered a Crime
  5. Government Members Shouldn’t Have Any Immunity
  6. A Person Deserving to Be New Face of American Dollar
  7. Who Is the Most Useless President in the World?
  8. Prison Cells Must Be Replaced by Special Monitored Apartments
  9. Sanctions Against Russia Harm Populations
  10. Wars Should Be Forcefully Stopped by Other Countries

Art and Culture Persuasive Ideas

If you like creativity and culture, you’ll be able to easily find a great topic for a persuasive essay.

  1. Learning Music Is More Productive Than Being an Artist
  2. Music Should Be an  Inherent Part of Curriculum
  3. Romanticized Violence In Fiction Doesn’t Normalize It In Real Life
  4. TV Show ‘Hannibal’ Shouldn’t Have Been  Cancelled
  5. Visiting Museums Is The Best Way to Preserve Culture
  6. Regulating Fiction Must Be Illegal
  7. Celebrities Shouldn’t Be Anyone’s Role Models
  8. Hatred for ‘Twilight’ Is Overblown: It Is Caused by Misogyny
  9. Queerbaiting Is Offensive and Media Should Pay More Negative Attention to It
  10. Problematic Portrayal of an Issue or a Person in Fiction Still Deserves to Exist

Science Ideas

Not everyone likes science – it’s a complex branch that requires a lot of research, some knowledge, and daring mindset. But for those who love it, here’s a choice of good topics for persuasive essays.

  • In Reality, No Person Has Ever Visited the Moon In the Way It Was Portrayed
  • Solar Energy Should Replace Other Kinds of Electricity Within the Next Year
  • Astrology Should Never Become  Real Science
  • Obsession with Astrological Signs Is Dangerous For Their Mental State
  • Science Scholarships Should Be Increased
  • Nuclear Weapons Must Be Eliminated Regardless of Countries’ Agreement
  • Danger of Future Robots Usage Is Exaggerated
  • The Existence of Supernatural Can Be Proven
  • Nothing New Is Discovered: Old Discoveries Are Recycled
  • People with No Education Can Be the Best Scientists

Education Persuasive Essay Prompts

All students could find a persuasive essay topic for college from this category that they would like — after all, education is something they all relate to.

  1. One Perfect Academic Paragraph Should Be No Less Than 200 Words
  2. Ability to Spell Correctly Is the Foundation of College Success
  3. Homework Has to Be Eliminated as a Construct
  4. American Education System Is Deficient and Should Be Restructured
  5. Religious Beliefs Have No Place in Modern Education
  6. Children Should Receive Sex Education From Their Early Years
  7. Country That Has the Best Education Model in the World: Reasons & Evidence
  8. Race and Real Name of a Student Should Not Be Mentioned In Their Application Form
  9. Free University Education Is Possible in the USA
  10. Studying 5 Days per Week Is Impossible & Ineffective

Crime Topics for Persuasive Essays

Are you passionate about criminology or criminal law? If so, we’ve devised some easy persuasive essay topics that will allow you to explore what you like!

  1. Better Social Services Could Contribute to Diminishing the Number of Future Criminals
  2. Most Cold Cases Can Be Solved if Enough Efforts Are Invested Into Them
  3. Quality of Security Cameras Should Be Enhanced Mandatorily All Over the Country
  4. JonBenét Ramsey’s Case Must Be Re-investigated From the Start
  5. Prison Conditions Make People Into Hardened Criminals
  6. Proven Cases of Torture Has to Result In Death Penalty & Speedy Execution
  7. The Execution of Legal Death Sentence Shouldn’t Take So Much Time
  8. Income and Position in Society Affect the Severity of Legal Punishment
  9. All Calls About Potentially Missing People Should Receive Instant Attention
  10. 911 Operators Should Be Taught and Trained Better

History Persuasive Prompts

Check this list if the thought about our past makes your heart beat faster. You’re likely to find your persuasive essay topic here.

  1. Historical Crimes Have to Be Investigated No Matter How Many Years Pass
  2. US Behaviour in Wars Over the Last 80 Years
  3. US Has Had a Hand in All Genocides Occurring in the Recent World History
  4. The Figure of Merlin in History: He Existed For Real
  5. The Impacts of Slavery in US Is Still Vivid Today
  6. Nazi Germany Has Made Numerous Useful Contributions to the Current Science
  7. History Doesn’t Exist: We Twist It to Suit Our Needs
  8. Dinosaurs Looked Different From How We Imagine Them Based on Their Bones
  9. The Most Important Historical Event Ever Occurring
  10. Bible as the Historical Construct: It Was Created In Accordance with Norms of That Time

Find Good Persuasive Speech Topics

We hope that you managed to find an exciting topic among the prompts we presented. If not, keep looking! Remember that your personal interest means the world in tasks such as this: popular topics don’t always mean that you’d enjoy researching them, so you should look for anything that makes you want to discuss it. In case you settled on a theme but still aren’t sure how to write an essay on it, search for help. We have writers and editors who are always ready to assist students with their tasks, so just drop us a line and we’ll gladly share our expertise, selecting interesting persuasive speech topics for you or helping you write an essay!

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