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“At a conference at the new school in New York City, I first floated my idea of gaga feminism ”
At a meeting, she first gave out her concept of feminism. Here she comes to the concept that for the young and the elderly, feminism is both. There is no longer a feminist conference kept in secret, and people can speak about it openly. It also takes account of the background and opinions of other experts. Together with other speakers including Faludi, she continues to talk about gaga feminism. Humanity and technology
“ the exhausted end of the sexual revolution”
This gives the idea of how humanity is changing with the evolution of technology and feminism. Gaga and her feminism supporters have lost touch with reality. They are more interested in cell phones, media manipulation, and Internet, and video games. This presents a worrying trend towards humanity and feminism.

Transgenderism Research

“ the year of the pregnant man” (66)

Journalist and media people were eager to find out more about this development. They wanted to conduct an interview with the pregnant man. She needed to do more research about transgenderism without giving journalists ammunitions for hateful stories.

News article

“51 % of women now living without spouse”(76)

This article by New York times gives an insight that most of the women are marrying in later stages, high divorce rate and many choosing not marry. This expounds further that most women do not like family responsibilities of bearing and taking care of children. They want to be involved more in career development as well as working full-time as men.

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