100 Evaluation Essay Topics

Who would look for evaluation essay topics? For the most part, it’s students who got an assignment and are looking for ways of fulfilling it. Writing a paper could be difficult, but it’s even tougher when you have no idea which theme to pick. Let’s clarify the definition first before moving on to other tips. Evaluation essay is a genre of writing where you express an objective opinion on something by reviewing its strengths, weaknesses, purposes, etc., coming to a single conclusion.

Such tasks are essential for students’ development because they help them understand how to be objective and express an opinion based on facts, not feelings. This skill is useful in academics as well as in regular life. But to succeed in an essay, you must know what topic to pick for it, and this is one of the most problematic areas that create a whole array of difficulties. We’re going to address them one by one to help you get inspired before writing an essay.

How to Go About Picking Review Essay Topics

When asking a student what they consider the most important part of writing essays, they usually list research, drafts, and writing itself. Almost none of them mention the topic, and it proves how frequently this aspect of work is underestimated. Essay theme determines everything, from how interesting research and essay writing could be to the grade. These are the guidelines one should keep in mind for making a correct choice.

  1. Select a topic that makes you want to research it. Passion for a subject is critical. If one finds something boring, essay will reflect this. If student feels indifferent, then it’ll be next to impossible to intrigue readers. Their perceptions as a writer always become a part of work. On the other hand, if one enjoys what they are doing, they will be able to select the most interesting bits of information for evaluations. So, think about preferences. Consider books you’ve read and have an opinion on, a movie you watched and ranted about last night, or an issue that you’d like to discuss overall. Remember: your interest is the biggest factor justifying an evaluation essay topic you select.
  2. Assess your objectivity. Yes, passion is everything, but it shouldn’t distract you from staying objective. If you are evaluating something for an essay, you should base your thoughts on facts, not hot emotions. Your analysis must demonstrate clear use of logic and reason, so if you feel you might be biased, better choose another topic.
  3. Look at sources. Check if there’s enough data that you could use for your topics for evaluation essays. If you wanted to focus on something rare or unknown, most sources might be too old or not credible. That won’t fit your goals, so you’ll need to make another decision. Always follow professors’ demands: if they told you to include 10 sources in an essay, then this is what you should do, and your topic must have enough material written about it. Ideally, as per academic criteria, each source should be created within the last 5 years, be peer-reviewed, and have a DOI assigned.
  4. Do some brainstorming. Talk with friends or professors. Suggest the ideas you have in mind and see what they’ll say to them. Maybe they’ll suggest a better essay topic option that you’ll love better or solidify your intentions — both could be helpful.

100 Evaluation Argument Essay Topics For Your Consideration

Would you like to know another effective way of finding a topic? You could try looking at lists composed specifically for this purpose. The one we developed below has 10 categories, so you could ignore some and pay attention to those you like. Use these topics as a sample you can transform or as direct basis for your future essay.

Evaluation Topic on TV and Movies

Do you like watching TV? Then you might find the following evaluative essay topics useful. Select a favorite, new, or underrated film or show for your review.

  1. Pick a Film That Got Oscar and Evaluate It Objectively: What Is Special About It?
  2. Level of Representation Among Well-Written Female Characters: Is It Appropriate?
  3. Queerbaiting Before 2015 and After It: Are There Any Changes?
  4. How Black Characters Are Treated in Movies and TV Shows
  5. Do Homosexual People Get Enough Representation in Modern Times?
  6. What Criteria Should Be Met for the Movie to Classify as Art House
  7. Evaluate How Wars Are Depicted in American Films: Are They Realistic or Overly Dramatized?
  8. Asexuals and Aromantics in TV Industry: Are There Any Major Characters With This Sexuality?
  9. What Features Should a Movie Possess Be Considered a Comedy?
  10. Do Sequels Tend to Be Successful or Not?

Sports Topics for Review

For many people, sportive activities are the main source of entertainment. These review paper topics will be to their liking!

  1. How America’s Obsession with Soccer Affects Young People’s Personalities
  2. Evaluate the Practice of Selling Players: Should It Be Considered Appropriate?
  3. Pick Any Player From a Sports Team & Evaluate Their Performance
  4. Should Tennis Be a Part of Every School Curriculum?
  5. Is Big Height a Necessity in Playing Basketball?
  6. Is Coaching a Good Motivator for Students or Is It More Harmful?
  7. What Is the Best Food Sportsmen Should Eat to Keep Their Shape?
  8. Is Watching a Game on the Stadium Different from Doing That on TV?
  9. Do Sports Clubs Improve Sportsmen’s Performance & Chances?
  10. How Can Dancing Be Assessed in Competitions?

Technology and Social Media Prompts

Social media platforms are everywhere — it is difficult to find someone without an account somewhere. So, look at these evaluation essay ideas because you might find them easy.

  1. Can Everyone Understand How Basic Photoshop Works or Are Special Skills Needed?
  2. Why Did Social Media Gain Such Vast Popularity?
  3. What Does Virtual Reality Experience Entail & Is It Good?
  4. Did the Option of Instant Messaging Affect People’s Communication Habits Badly?
  5. Use of Technologies in Studying: How Does That Work?
  6. Did Making Money for a Living Become Easier with Internet?
  7. Learning Through Playing Games: Is It a Viable Solution?
  8. Evaluate Any Social Platform That You Find Interesting
  9. Analyze Whether Bullying Became Worse Due to Social Media
  10. Did Friendships Become Stronger Under the Influence of Social Networks?

Evaluate Food and Restaurants

In food industry, there are lots of things to evaluate! Here are some options.

  1. Pick a Famous American Restaurant & Evaluate Its Quality
  2. What Is Your Favorite Food? Assess It Objectively
  3. What Could Be Viewed as Good Customer Service?
  4. Is Fast Food Really Dangerous for a Human Body?
  5. A Cup of Simple Black Coffee: How Much Should It Cost?
  6.  What Makes Starbucks Such a Popular Chain Worldwide?
  7. What Could Be Called Traditional American Food and Why?
  8. What Criteria Should Chinese Food Serve in America Meet to Satisfy Chinese People?
  9. Food Sold at Your Local Market: How Diverse Is It?
  10. What Should Be the Price for Average Mexican Meal?

Education Topics for Review Essay

There are good evaluation essay topics in the sphere of education: students can always relate to them.

  1. Assess Quality of Education You Are Receiving
  2. What Education Should a Person Possess to Become a Good Teacher?
  3. How Many Subjects Must Pre-Schoolers Study?
  4. Are There Enough Schools for Children with Special Needs in the US?
  5. Which Parts of Population Could Objectively Afford Modern Quality Education?
  6. What Environment Should Be Created for Children with Development Disorders?
  7. Evaluate Quality of Secondary Education Offered in US
  8. Is It Better to Study Abroad?
  9. Evaluate Some Specific teaching Methods in Terms of Their Effectiveness
  10. How Efficient Is It to Study by Yourself?

Culture Evaluation Essay Ideas

We manage to exist exactly because we follow cultural norms. Here is an evaluation essay topics list related to it.

  1. Is Culture Getting More Diverse in America due to Immigration?
  2. Could American Culture Be Called Moral?
  3. What Causes Cultural Shock and How to Recognize It?
  4. What Is the Effective Way to Instill Culture in Children?
  5. Is Culture Behind Rap Music Violent?
  6. What Characteristics Should a Person Have to Be Considered Culturally Educated?
  7. Cultural Education in Schools: Is It Effective?
  8. Could It Be Said That Online Culture Exists?
  9. Is It Possible to Wage War Between Cultures and Preserve Morality?
  10. How Does Westernization Affect Global Culture?

Art and Literature Topics

Do you enjoy books and feel breathless at the idea of seeing art? If so, you’ll enjoy these easy evaluation essay topics.

  1. Assess Harry Potter on the Subject of Diversity
  2. Is Love Described Believably in Twilight?
  3. Pick a Popular Art Movement: What Impact Did It Have on Society?
  4. What Should an Artist Achieve to be Considered Successful?
  5. Movies Based on Books: Are They Effective More Often Than Not?
  6. Are All Stephen King’s Book Equally Powerful?
  7. Compare Several Films Directed by One Person: Do They Correspond to the Same Quality Level?
  8. Can Short Stories Adequately Convey Plot Despite Their Size?
  9. Assess Ending of a Random Book: Is It Powerful?
  10. Pick and Evaluate Any Series of Paintings

Review Topics For College Students

Here are some evaluation paper ideas that are popular among college students. Select one, modify to your liking and complete a unique essay.

  1. What Makes Studying More Interesting for Students?
  2. Assess Friendship You Had in the Past: Why Did It Fail?
  3. Evaluate Your Relationship with a Friend: Are They More Loyal Than You Are or Vice Versa?
  4. Could Having a Pet Help with Anxiety Disorder?
  5. What Resources Are Most Effective During Studying?
  6. Discuss Your School Performance: Were You a Good Student?
  7. Analyze How Many Hours You Need for Sleeping Well
  8. Could Your Bond with Your Family Be Called Close?
  9. Discuss How Reading Helped You in Life: Was It Useful?
  10. What Car Model Should Students Buy?

Ideas on Music

Music is a huge part of life for many people, so there are lots of good evaluation topics about it.

  1. What Music Could Soothe the Nerves Most Successfully?
  2. How Production of CD Discs Changed with Internet Rise
  3. Can Music Industry Be Still Regarded as Lucrative?
  4. Is Live Performance More Impressive Than Recordings?
  5. Evaluate Any Popular Musical: Is It Good?
  6. Focus on Old Musicals: Were They Effective in Terms of Performance?
  7. How Well Does Music Enhance Ballet?
  8. Could People Succeed in Becoming Popular Band Members?
  9. Are Small Concerts More Impressive?
  10. What Achievements Should a Person Have to Be Seen as Good Singer?

Review Topics about Famous Speeches

Presidents, politics, actors — they give speeches that make the audience react. Evaluation essay ideas below could help you look more into them.

  1. Assess any of Trump’s Speeches: Is It Inspiring?
  2. What Should a Good Speech Have?
  3. Obama’s Final Speech: Could It Be Called Effective?
  4. What Three Elements Are Vital in Efficient Speeches?
  5. Believable Speech: What Criteria Must It Meet?
  6. Martin Luther King’s First Speech: How Motivating Was It?
  7. What Persuasion Tactics Give the Biggest Number of Benefits?
  8. Evaluate Speeches Given by Hannibal Lecter in TV Show: Are They Really Convincing?
  9. Assess an Instance Where You Presented Speech: How Good Was It?
  10. What Should Speeches Be like to Stay in People’s Memory for a Long Time?

Find Great Evaluation Argument Topics and Make Success Closer

Like we said before, having a personal interest in a topic is vital for succeeding in writing about it. We hope that after looking through our list, you managed to make the decision. If not, don’t be concerned: there are other ways out. For example, you could ask for more serious kind of academic help. We would gladly offer individual evaluation topics or read your instructions before writing an entire essay in your stead. If you’re interested in this option, let us know. Contact us, explain essay guidelines, and we’ll deliver it just by the date you’ve set. This way, you’ll save time, effort, and worries while getting successful results.

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