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The major difference of every research paper that a college student encounters is providing a synthesis of existing works to prove a certain point that is stated in your thesis. You can see how every essay sample that we provide contains an analysis of similar works that relate to the author’s research project. The list of quotes that you can find in every essay example shows that your opinion must be based on what has already been written before. The task is to explain whether the list of references and assumptions made is good enough or requires more work. Since one must research someone else’s findings, it is vital to check your assignment twice to avoid any plagiarism risks.

Essay About Same Sex Marriage

Gay and Lesbian Marriage: A Contentious Issue Gay and lesbian (same-sex) marriage remains one of the most contentious issues in today's society. Historically, people avoided same-sex weddings, but gay and lesbian unions are now gaining legal recognition (Gerstmann 1). Same-sex marriage should be prohibited because it violates sacred institutions, impedes procreation,...

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Pages: 2

The Tragic Figure

Introduction In literature, a tragic figure is a type of character that makes a wrong selection or choice which later leads to their downfall or destruction. A tragic figure in a drama; in most cases is typically the protagonist of a misfortune that befalls them. For a character to be termed...

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Pages: 3

About Same Sex Marriage

For the past few decades, same-sex marriage For the past few decades, same-sex marriage, identified as the marriage of two people of the same gender in a civil or religious ceremony, has been one of the most controversial, multifaceted, and hotly contested topics in the public, religious, political, and criminal justice...

Words: 904

Pages: 4

Satire in Literature: Satire and its Elements in "The Importance of Being Earnest"

Satire is a literary term that refers to a work that is used to mock or tease an institution or group of people in order to be satirical. This element in writing can be used by an author to persuade or persuade an audience to believe in a certain philosophy....

Words: 1598

Pages: 6

same sex marriage justification

This subject sparks heated debate in various countries, often leading to legal battles for marriage equality. The landmark Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges transformed the lives of countless people who wanted to marry spouses of their choosing. Any associations of same-sex partners sued state agencies in Ohio, Kentucky,...

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same sex marriage social obstacles

Same-sex marriage remains a highly contentious problem in many jurisdictions where it has not yet been approved. Despite the twentieth-century surgery's surprise, numerous countries around the world continue to legalize same-sex partnerships. In several parts of the world, the LGBT (Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) population continues to enjoy this...

Words: 1229

Pages: 5

same sex marriage and american attitudes

With many controversies on the topic, American attitudes toward same-sex marriage in the twenty-first century have been more nuanced and controversial. For some years, same-sex marriage has been a contentious issue in America, with some people endorsing it and some against it. In reality, the explosion of gay and lesbian...

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Differences in-text citations of short stories, poems, and drama

Appropriate quotation of sources in any research paper, book or news article is critical. There are precise formats for referencing adopted for some fields of study. For instance (MLA) Modern Language Association is commonly used for citing lookup papers in the fields of art, language or literature. The guideline in...

Words: 447

Pages: 2

How Metaphors were used in the Novel: Germinal

The novel called Germinal by Zola was first published in French on March 1885. It created a very significant mark in the french tradition among other great novels like Ladies Delight, Nana, L’ Assommoir, La Bete Humaine and The Belly of Paris. Its original copy was 591 pages but was...

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The short story “Everyday use”

The 1944 short story "Everyday Use" The 1944 short story "Everyday Use" unfolds by showing the neatly made yard that Maggie and her mother have to do. The garden was made for Dee, who is Maggie's niece, for a special visit. Although Maggie is anxious about the visit of a long-gone...

Words: 755

Pages: 3

Culture is a crucial element that defines a group’s identity

Culture as a Determinant of Group Identity Culture is a key factor that determines the identity of a group, but very few consider its roots and the reason for following one tradition over another. With activities such as clothes, food spices, and attitudes, nonhuman pirates are like humans, but they do...

Words: 317

Pages: 2

All in the Family TV-series

Anything in the family The TV series produced by Bud Yorkin and Norman Lear is one of the most popular situation comedy (sitcom) in American history. The TV series aired on the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) television network between January 1971 and April 1979, during which nine seasons of the series...

Words: 1527

Pages: 6

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