Essays on Immigrants

The History of the Sikh Immigration into Canada

The twentieth-century Canadian history points out that several races of foreign-born people focused on settling in Canada’s new lands (Arora " Bava, 2018). The Sikhs had the intention to create business empires because of the significant opportunities they would derive from their operations. The race factor has for some time...

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Immigration in the United States

Answer to the question on immigration: Immigrants and their children now number approximately 86.4 million people, or 27% of the overall U.S. population, according to the 2017 Current Population Survey (CPS). Answer to the question on Hispanic Population: Hispanic/Latinos are the second largest racial or ethnic group after whites in the...

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The Impact of Population and Urban Development Projects on Immigrants and Future of New York City

Community Board 3 Manhattan has dominated various regions in the New York City. It is believed that the community is dominated by diversification of languages, income, religion, and culture. This comes about as results of the coming of many immigrants into the city. According to the estimate, it is believed...

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Immigration in the United States

Immigration is a controversial issue that has attracted the attention of many individuals in the United States of America. Illegal immigrants in the nation infuriate several native-born residents. People, for the most part, are filled with concerns that immigrants generally compete for jobs, modify America’s social fabric, as well as,...

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The Impact of Illegal Immigrants on the US Economy

The impact of illegal immigration on the American economy has increasingly become a national debate in the United States over the last decade. The issue has already turned political with President Donald Trump indicating that illegal immigration is the primary cause of low wage and high unemployment among the American...

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Dominican Immigrants in Washington Heights

Caribbean Immigrants have been living in America since the early 20th Century.  Their homeland, the Caribbean region includes countries and island such as Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Barbados., Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Bahamas. Caribbean immigrants have been prevalently settling in urban areas, although few have been settling in...

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The Federal Assistance for DACA Students

In the US, undocumented students have been facing challenges when pursuing their higher education. Analyzing whether Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals should get federal assistance for college is a fundamental concern for American education sector and also to the general public. The relief was experienced in 2012 when President Obama...

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The American Dream by Immigrants

Pat Mora is a known poet in the United States who wrote the poem Immigrants. She lived in El Paso, at the border of Mexico and Texas. In her poem she speaks of American dream yet she knows the thought is not for her. Therefore, the thesis of this context...

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The Issue of Immigrants Lacking Necessary Support to Learn Foreign Languages

The issue of immigrants lacking necessary support to learn foreign languages has been widely discussed on different platforms. The article provided focuses on a Chinese family who after moving to Canada finds itself unable to communicate effectively in English and therefore seek ways through which they can learn English. According...

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Life of the Immigrants

At one point in life when things are tough in our normal places of living we are forced to leave for a better place. There are many causes of human migration and among them includes; wars, epidemics, famine and unemployment. People migrate hoping to find a better life than their...

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My Experience as an Illegal Immigrant in Minnesota

My name is Fatma Amina and I am an illegal immigrant in this county. I am a female, Somali, Muslim, international student and upcoming journalist. I arrived in the Minnesota in the recent past. However, prior to that, I have cultural barriers in terms of dressing, food, and religion. Minnesota...

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The Changing Demographics of Texas

The changes in population in the state of Texas are demonstrable by a consideration of documented demographics from census and population estimations provided by the US census bureau. First, the population estimates of 2016 show that the majority of residents in Texas are whites, numbering about 11.8 million. Hispanics are...

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