Refugees and Immigrants

The movie chosen for this task is Daphne Matziaraki's 2016 short documentary 4.1 Miles. The 26-minute movie chronicles the struggles of Papadopoulos, a local coast guard, and his small crew on the Greek island as they brave the seas to assist migrants trying to escape war in their home countries....

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The issue of international human rights

The collection of rights, privileges, and liberties that all people are entitled to under international human rights law. An individual s position does not negate the need for him or her to benefit from or have access to human rights. The Geneva Declaration codifies international human rights. To protect the...

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The International Human Rights Issue

The rights of Cuban refugees had to run concurrently with and in proportion to the rights possessed by other US citizens. Furthermore, the majority of those who make up the refugee population are children, and children deserve to live in a peaceful environment where they can have access to the...

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Nearly 40 years have passed since the first boat carrying refugees arrived off the coast of Australia. Since then, there has been a sense within the government that Australia has been too lenient toward asylum seekers, and various laws that attempt to stem the tide of asylum seekers into Australia...

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Refugee migration continues to rise as hostilities and aggressiveness worsen in various parts of the world. In recent years, the Syrian crisis has resulted in the eviction of millions of refugees from their home countries. As the number of migrants increases, states that accept a large number of refugees see...

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Jordan and Nigeria Refugee Situation comparison

A refugee is a person who has fled his country because he is afraid of being persecuted because of his nationality, race, faith, or affiliation with a specific social group or political viewpoint. Because of this dread, a refugee is hesitant to present himself/herself to the security of that nation;...

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Resettling African Refugees in the US and the Limitations Involved

The United States and Resettling Refugees The United States has historically been the world leader in resettling refugees, and it remains the top resettlement country. Africa is one of the countries with a disproportionately large number of migrants, owing to numerous civil disputes such as tribal wars and armed uprisings. With...

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EU has experienced an unprecedented number of refugees since 2015

Introduction Since 2015, the EU has seen an extraordinary influx of migrants, many of whom are Syrians fleeing repression and fighting in their home country in search of a better life.Humanitarian Nightmare and Global Refugee Crisis Without a question, the Syrian civil war has resulted in a humanitarian nightmare and a global...

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the european union refugee crisis

The European Union Refugee CrisisThe European Union refugee crisisThe European Union refugee crisis relates to the immigrant issue that the EU faced at the start of 2015, which saw an increase in the number of refugees in the country. These refugees have migrated through the region, across the Mediterranean Sea,...

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globalization and political culture

The number of refugees leaving their disillusioned homelands and countries ripped apart by war, brutality, and populism is rising worldwide. Stringent policies imposed not only by the US government but also by other nations, in response to the influx of refugees are harsh and can have a negative effect on...

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about refugees

The United Nations describes a refugee as a citizen who is not in his home country and is unable to return due to fear of prosecution for reasons such as political or religious beliefs (United Nations nd). As depicted in the four books mentioned below, they face various obstacles when...

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Domestic Defense

Over the years, refugee problems have been at the center of national security in most countries around the world. The general perception of immigration has been regarded as a security threat that is advanced by the rapidly growing number of immigrants worldwide. The territorial dominance of the United States was...

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