Essays on Immigration Reform

Immigration in Texas

For some years, the issue of immigration has been a problem to the residents of Texas. Although various strategies have been implemented to address the problem, it appears that little has been achieved, and therefore the House of Representatives need to introduce a debate and also come up with policies...

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Contemporary American Immigration Debate

The Contemporary American Society and Immigration The contemporary American society poses hard times, particularly to the immigrants (Reeves 1). The media headlines and political discourse features financial crises where immigrants are waiting enthusiastically for assistance, maintaining hopes and expecting politicians to formulate the needful reform to the current immigration system (Reeves...

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The Natural Born Clause and the Immigration Debate

Article II of the U.S constitution states that no individual other than a natural born citizen is eligible to take up the office of the president. The election of 2009 becomes the first presidential election in the history of America where questions regarding the citizenship were raised for both major...

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The Immigration Crisis in the United States

In the United States, the fight against illegal immigration is still a debate that has borne more questions than answers. Over the past years, illegal migrants have set camp in the country while the lawmakers have been unable to find a lasting solution to this crisis. Currently, proposals have been...

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The Immigration Rights

Whenever people discuss immigration rights, one central question that always comes up is whether immigrants should have the same rights as the country they have been accepted into. Many immigrants struggle socially because they lack access to improved housing, clothing, food, education, and health care. Along with the battle to...

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform with a Pathway to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants should be enacted by the Congress.

One of the most urgent problems in the modern social, economic, and political landscape is the situation of undocumented immigrants. Many Americans have been thinking about the rhetoric regarding the influx of undocumented immigrants in the United States. Final screening and the construction of a border wall may reduce the...

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relationship between the US labour needs and immigration policies

There is a link between the labor demands of the United States and immigration laws. This occurred after the national origin quota system was abolished and questions were raised regarding who should be permitted to join the country. The admittance of immigrants was based on the potential of the given...

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Immigrants and Europe's National Security

Because of the accompanying security issues, the issue of international migration is currently being discussed more in Europe than on any other continent in the world. One widely accepted definition of security is the absence of threat, which several schools of thought have elaborated on (Haftendorn 15-17). The old method...

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Impacts of immigration and discrimination in the UK

An evaluation of the effects of discrimination and gender inequality on the UK workforce today Research Problems How do opinions of women's inferiority in the workplace in the UK change as a result of gender discrimination and inequalities? In the UK workplace, are women deterred from pursuing higher positions? Review of Literature Sanghani (2014) claims...

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Immigration policy

Donald Trump s Immigration PolicyDuring his presidential campaign, Donald Trump made frequent mention of immigration reform. This initiative would further ensure that undocumented aliens are treated with zero tolerance. During his campaign, Trump insisted that the bulk of immigrants arriving was unproductive. In his announcement speech, he used Mexico as...

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How Names matter when crossing to the United States

The rise in border checks and clearance procedures has made immigration to the United States of America complex. Security at Homeland and international airport terminals has doubled safety controls. Each person arriving in the United States shall provide thorough checks with their travel documents. Protocols and procedures have been developed...

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Immigration Changes

The History of Indigenous People in Canada The kind care of Canada's largest population is applauded worldwide. This is independent of the diversity of its demographic structure in general. But some historical records have provided a past picture of Canada as a location of violence and disadvantage of the indigenous people...

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