relationship between the US labour needs and immigration policies

There is a link between the labor demands of the United States and immigration laws. This occurred after the national origin quota system was abolished and questions were raised regarding who should be permitted to join the country. The admittance of immigrants was based on the potential of the given individuals to the economy and the country's border contribution advantage. Preferences were given based on who is capable of executing specific abilities, rather than who is just available temporarily or seasonally. Individuals with remarkable abilities in science, sports, and art were accepted on the basis of their considered benefits to the country and its cultural interests.  Most immigrants wanted to come work but the number of work contracts were few hence people resorted to bribery so as to get contract to come work. Also the employers were to cater for the transportation and living expense for the immigrants and also the expenses incurred during the fulfilment of the migration nature. But there were other illegal immigrants who required less red tape and less wages hence the employer preferred using them hence creating unemployment to those legally in the country and the natives.

2. Immigration policy is not unitary, but is broken down to four policy areas that contribute to it. These are legal admission policies, border security policies, interior immigration enforcement policies and immigrant integration policies. Legal admission policies are the rules and regulations that govern the on the people to be allowed into the country and the specific number of immigrants at any given time. The border security policies entail external migration control efforts and interior immigration enforcement policies controls and depots undocumented immigrants. Finally the immigrant integration policies are policies that affect legal status of undocumented immigrants.

3. Prevention through deterrence is a strategy used by border patrols to try and reduce the number of immigrants entering the country illegally. This is done by increasing the risk of apprehension especially in areas where there is a high number of border crossing to deter people from crossing over into the country. Risk of apprehension can be achieved by increasing the number of border patrol agents and equipping them with better equipments with improved technologies to detect unauthorized entries.

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are responsible for enforcing federal immigration laws as part of security. The 287(g) program is a partnership among the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the state and local enforcement agencies to guarantee the enforcement of federal immigration law.

4. The undocumented immigrants are in the country illegally and their status demarcates the primary fault line in the contemporary debate over comprehensive immigration report. The undocumented immigrants would have been given a chance to change their status as long as they met the criteria and the border triggers were met. The Registered Provisional Immigrant program was stated to aid the change of undocumented immigrant status. Some of the residence requirements include a clean criminal history, paying back taxes, application fees and penalties.

Partisanship comes into play when the president wants to play a role in executive actions towards the immigrants. This becomes a problem for partisanship has further entrenched the dividing lines of the border situation. Any bill passed in the House is based on the political party lines and the majority leaders will accept or disagree according to the party that has the president in the seat.


Wong, Tom K. (2017). The Politics of Immigration: Partisanship Demographic Change, and American National Identity. United States of America, New York: Oxford University Press. 2017.

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