The Garment Industry and Responsible Business Practices

The garment industry is a key driver of a country’s economy and development, employing millions of people and accounting for national export earnings. At the same time, a series of fatal factory incidents has highlighted the sector’s deplorable working conditions and has exposed international retailers and fashion brands for exploiting...

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Risk Management at Workplace

Identification of the context for risk management is vital in establishing the internal and external parameters that are considered when responding to risks. Identifying tools and ensuring all reasonable steps are taken to determine risks is essential to estimate the inputs required in responding to the risks. On the other...

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The Impact of Twitter Salary on Its Success

Do you think levels of pay contribute to Twitters success? I think the salary levels of Twitter have contributed to the success of the organization. Talented people in business are highly sought out given the contribution that they bring to the organization. They are the persons that are skilled in...

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Ergonomic Workstation Benefits

The report provides an extensive analysis  of  the benefits an ergonomic workstation in relation to the advantages that come from investing in a well and properly designed workstation. It also provides the analysis of the results of a research conducted using a structured data collection by the use of questionnaire...

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Why I Chose Nursing as a Career

Who is a nurse? A nurse is a professional trained and well vetted to ensure that patients get the best service. By service I mean the patient is well catered for, the patient gets an easy time to heal or recover from the diagnosis given. A nurse is a person...

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My Experience with Team Projects

Discuss your view of and experience with team projects. Do you see team projects in a positive light, or not? Why? I always prefer working in a team, especially when tackling a project that requires different perspectives and opinions for its solution. While in a group I get the chance to...

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Impacts of Airbnb on the Hotel Industry

The business environment is dynamic, and the need to create value from the available resources has allowed individuals and corporates to device ways of making profits from otherwise dormant assets. The sharing economy which was traditionally defined as the joint use of facilities among neighbors, family, and friends has shifted...

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Non-Compete Agreements

It goes without saying that privacy (business and company) has become a contentious issue especially at the turn of the 21st Century. Nowadays, it is very common for company executives and employees in general to be poached by rival companies after they have worked for another company for some time....

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Internet Job Site

The internet job site that I used to make an application is Linked In. Linked In. is an ideal platform basically because it contains many advertisements on a range of diverse jobs. Moreover the website is associated with many top-notch companies around the world. The specific job position I am...

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Types of Unemployment

There are many types of unemployment, one of them is clinical employment is where individuals lose their jobs as a result of the decrease in demand.  There is also demand deficient unemployment, which is caused by insufficient demand, which could generate the required level of employment in a country. Structural...

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Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Aspects of Labor

The author tries to examine the theory of labor supply. This theory provides the analysis of the basic factors that determine whether a person is willing to offer labor force, and if so, the number of hours one can prefer to spend while working. The author has also tried to...

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Minimum Wage in Australia

Q1. Definition of Minimum Wage According to the Economic Theory Minimum wage is an economic principle specifying the least amount of remuneration that firms must provide to their workers in exchange for their labour over a given period of time (Abott, 2012). In most cases, the labour legislation is measured per...

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