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Diversity at workplace paper

Workplace diversity refers to the hiring of employees from various races, cultural backgrounds, and gender. In the past two decades, most companies around the world have incorporated inclusivity as a part of their corporate culture and this has been vital in enhancing their financial performance and market sustainability. Additionally, diversity...

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United AirlinesDavid Dao Incident

United Airlines has faced scandals that put its image in question. The most famous one is the case involving the forceful removal of David Dao from an airplane and the pet incident. The paper provides an analysis of the two situations, their effect on the company’s reputation, and the role...

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Zappos leadership

The Manner in Which Zappos’ Leadership Has Fostered a Culture of Ethicalness The Zappos leadership has encouraged a culture of ethicalness in the organization by always being under the commitment to create a working environment whereby the employees can communicate openly with the management as regards their well-being and satisfaction. Tony...

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Human Resource Management

The human resource management function is vital if an organization is to achieve its objectives. The function is of primary significance as it determines the nature in which the human capital in an organization is managed and thereby the success of the organization. An organization can be viewed as being...

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The Impact of the Eastern Enlargement on the Business Environment

The European Union (EU) is seen to be one of the most successful political and economic unions in history. Since the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1951 by the EU’s six founding countries (Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and Netherlands) which created the European Coal and Steel Community,...

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Production of oil and natural gas

Production of oil and natural gas in Russia Production of oil and natural gas is the cornerstone of the Russian economy, and the availability of these natural resources has attracted the interest of many parties to the lucrative industry in Russia. Introduction of British Petroleum (BP) in Russia One of the companies that...

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Factors That Can Lead To Failure of a Successful Implementation of the New HCM and Change Management System

Factors Which Can Lead To Failure Of A Successful Implementation Of The New HCM And Change Management System.. 5 PESTEL Analysis Of Environmental Factors Which Can Affect The Implementation. 6 SWOT Analysis. 8 Factors Which Can Lead To Successful Change In An Organization. 8 Models To Effective Organization Change. 9 MAIN RESEARCH.. 13 CONCLUSION.. 17 RECOMMENDATIONS. 18 REFERENCES....

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The Impact of Leadership on Employee Turnover

Employees’ turnover intention has largely affected many companies in spite of their production, place, or size. Based on the literature and the studies conducted by many researchers, there have been a negative link between employees' or workers turnover intention and the firm’s leadership styles. Ali (2010, p. 242) associates staff...

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Implementation of HCM System at HRS Group

Companies keep transforming to the trends the world creates on a daily basis. Technological advancement is number one priority in every organization. This helps in time management on things which could have been otherwise done manually, orderly arrangement and systematic way of working and marching the quality organizations standards. Good...

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Perceived Employer Brand after Joining the Company and the Feeling of Congruence/Incongruence with Expectations

Introduction Every firm is striving to get the best employer status. Such firms, therefore, focus on not only recruiting but also engagement of the talented human resource. The issue of employer branding and its effect on worker perceptions has attracted significant interests from various studies and researches. This research aims to...

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Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction can simply be defined as a feeling of contentment and accomplishment that an individual springs from his/her place of work. There are various facets that can make an individual be contented or not in the workplace and this greatly determines their performance, which is a great contributor to...

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Remaking Lives

Making Lives and Remaking Lives Making lives refers to the means of creating a society, namely, through inherited practices, lifestyles, and behaviors. Individual characteristics on way of life signify making lives on a personal level (De la Sablonnière, 2017). Remaking lives signifies alterations made at both personal and societal levels and...

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