Strategic planning

Con Edison is a utility-based venture that has been on the verge of bankruptcy for quite some time, as the company has been steadily losing market share due to slow operation and rising prices. Con Edison’s key goal is to make energy-related facilities more affordable and accessible to all. Fundamentally,…

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Innovation as The Key to Economic Progress

I agree with Secretary Chu that the path to economic growth is created. Since the end of World War II, advances have led to economic prosperity, and they have accounted for the positive rise in per capita income in the United States. Almost all economic growth, efficiency, and development are…

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curious case of gary mckinnons

The United States accused Gary McKinnon, a Scottish man, of breaking into Defense Department and NASA computer networks. McKinnon confessed to committing the crime in order to uncover the truth behind the secrecy surrounding Free Energy and UFOs (Gold, 2014). His illegal acts are said to have been affected by…

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Keystone XL (KXL)

The Keystone XL (KXL) Project is a planned crude oil pipeline with a diameter of 36 inches. The pipeline starts in Hardisty and runs south of Steele City in Nebraska. In terms of economic strength and energy stability, the project is important for the United States. The pipeline is 1897…

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The Environment and Energy

The topic of electricity consumption and its environmental consequences continues to have an impact on the political and regulatory environments. There are a variety of concerns that continue to have an impact on energy consumption and environmental regulations. According to Whitman (par.1), the Obama administration failed in certain areas, such…

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Effects and Cause of Natural Energy

Natural energy is perceived to be the ideal fossil fuel for numerous uses, from manufacturing to electricity. This is due to its fairly low delivered cost, relative cleanliness, and efficiency. This product has been categorized as a stronger candidate for energy sources compared to coal and oil. The natural energy…

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The energy to nature

When I first visited the Arizona from Las Vegas, my parents accompanied me. The five-hour journey indeed was so attractive and fascinating to my eyes particularly the beautiful surroundings on the roadside. Ever since I was born and raised in Tokyo, I have never viewed such views because of the…

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A Book Review

This book: Overshoot – The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change by William R. Catton, Jr tries to explore the way experience teaches us that our tremendous demand for natural resources, energy, as well as the consumer items must have limits. This book contributes significantly in the ecological appreciation translation into…

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Energy Vulnerability in the Grain of the City

Stefan Bouzarovski and Harriet Thomson’s “Energy Vulnerability in the Grain of the City: Toward Neighborhood Typologies of Material Deprivation” This article’s main topic is energy poverty, which is defined as the inability to obtain a certain level of energy services in one’s home. The study of fuel poverty has sparked…

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Environmental Effects of Self-Driving Vehicles

Self- Driving Cars Could Help To Save Environment -Or Ruin It. Depends on Us is an article written via a New-York based environmental journalist Justin Worland for Times magazine. The article explores the potential benefits and shortcomings of self-driving cars that make them a controversial issue. The author points that…

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When it comes to nuclear manufacturing in South Australia, several concerns have been raised. While the leaders of South Australia favor the idea, expressing their views on how this participation is an excellent opportunity for the state, their position on indigenous peoples’ rights in the areas where nuclear power plants…

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Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Buildings have each direct and indirect impacts on the environment.During the construction and service life of a shape raw materials, water, and energy are used. The constructions also generate wastes. A combination of these elements has prompted the development of exclusive green building requirements which aims to promote environmental sustainability….

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