High energy physicists

High energy physicists present their views and expressions at conferences about projects or scientific findings from their fields of study. Overhead projectors with the lights turned off are used at the conventions. They always turn their backs away from the lighted truth, as a "priest can do while turning his or her back against the altar," which could be interpreted as a symbol of submission. There is evidence that several of their discoveries were completed immediately after the development of a specific scientific fact. The transparency was always conveyed via phone or by combining a few pieces of research equipment. Due to some challenges and need to justify whatever they have been doing, Traweek indicates that foreign physicists from the AMY group took advantage of being “out of place.” There was a need to conform to the larger community that science is able, and their research was based on well-proven scientific theories. According to Charles Bazerman, there is a series of historical and rhetorical explanations behind the “operation of scientific researches and findings in the 16th and 17th century.” There was an endangered discourse between France and England. Michael Zenzen and Sal Restivo give a grant of the proposal process that led to the formation of forums among Biologists.

“As the Osaka conference meeting was held at Japan, I was the only bachigai who decided to attend and represent my KEK to support the AMY data. Being the only foreigner, I was to emphasize my point in the bachigai group and prove the effectiveness of the AMY scientific information.” As per the words of the physicist, he expected a brighter response after presenting his work. However, no one paid attention, but they responded with questions like, “You think Japanese people are monkeys which get a lot of attention?” Well, according to that, there is a clear review that Japanese biologists did not accept or buy any idea from any other scientist. He was then mocked and told that “People from Bachigai cannot be successful science and fair interpreters, but they are just foreigners, ‘gaijin.’”

Having set a proper forum for the audience regarding the representation of AMY, the physicists went ahead to indicate that he had an interesting conversation that was to be shared with the people and come up with quark signals in the Biological forum. That was a polite discussion, but with a panel of scientists each with different ideas, they referred to the talks as hypothetical and incorrect. The rejection was just the same compared to what had happened to the KEK speakers about their TRISTAN detectors. They were in use and could produce significant signals after their launch. The English language used in the AMY justification was so direct and straightforward. They could merely give any argument due to the despise of the Japanese education culture.

According to the article, “most of the scientists in Tsukuba were bachigai, a place of oddballs.” They have a feeling that the isolation can give them a point of sympathy but things turn to be different. Panels have a lot of competition, and since the science forum was at Ibaraki, economic depression was a significant problem. Just as the marginalized section of the bachigai people, Tokyo scientists had no hope in any of the given conference. The presenter of the AMY data had so many expectations by approaching the discussion with a more specific view, only to realize that rejection of experiments and biological findings was based on the living background. However, the bachigai felt that with the high level of marginalization, they could quickly come forward, present their projects and convince people that they were also capable of scientific advancements.

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