National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

For the last two decades, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has encouraged teachers and tutors to engage students in discussions during math classes. The fundamental goal of this effort is to help students improve their ability to think mathematically and communicate their reasoning effectively. Classroom conversations and discourses...

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What effect does a trained teacher have on students' learning outcomes in Indonesia?

Current literature leaves key questions unexplained about the impact of teacher qualification on student learning outcomes (measured by GPA scores). According to the 2014 Family Survey, this study answered this question with 251 schools in Indonesia. This study included regression analysis, as well as many descriptive statistics and an analysis...

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English Lesson Plan

A lesson plan, according to Singh and Sharma (2010), is a precise explanation of what is to be taught in a specific lesson by a teacher. The lesson plan is sometimes described as the pre-active phase of teaching. The lesson plan is important because it provides direction on how a...

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Neo-Liberalism dominated public education in the United States

Neoliberalism, which has dominated public education in the United States and other nations, openly promotes competition among schools, students, and educators. Neoliberalism has resulted in stratification, marketization, and the introduction of business interests and managerialism into public education. This type of competitive structure has resulted in affluent schools becoming richer...

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School curriculum and pedagogical environment

Sackett defines bias as "an act of favoritism for or against a person or group of individuals" (1979). Each instructor can become anti-biased. Many individuals believe they are objective, but the truth is that some of our attitudes and feelings about others were formed while we were still children. As...

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case study of a patient

This essay will focus on a 40-year-old female teacher who presented to the emergency room complaining of heavy bleeding for over six months throughout her menstrual cycle. The patient's method of contraception is condoms. Six months ago, the patient was normal until she became long and bled heavily for an...

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Submission Distribution of farming

To answer the questions about the geographic themes listed below, choose a region from the list supplied in the assigned module in Blackboard. If you choose a region that is not on the list provided by the teacher, each item below will be noted as "Not Evident in Submission" if...

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Thoughts on teaching

Virtually everyone has come into contact with a teacher at some point in their lives, whether as a child or later in life. The teaching profession is one of those that has a significant impact on our lives, particularly our careers. In reality, because of the time we spent with...

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Cumbia in Colombia

At Columbia University, Ana Mara Ochoa Gautier teaches music. She has held positions as director of Music Archives in Colombia and researcher at the Institute of Anthropology and History in the past. Her research mostly focuses on the traditional music and culture of Latin America. Ana is not only an...

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About Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice is a US diplomat who served as the 66th US Secretary of State and is widely regarded as a role model for other African American women aspiring to professional success. Rice was the only child born to Angelena and John Wesley Rice, Jr. Angelena worked as a teacher...

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Investigations Make Use of Data and Outside Resources

Teachers can use a variety of ways to guide data gathering and utilization. In the video "The Inquiry Continues: Collecting Data and Drawing on Resources," the teacher provides the necessary equipment for the experiment. The teacher guides the students but occasionally stands back to let them figure things out on...

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Education Ethics

Cases of ethical violations in the classroom are not uncommon. Teachers in Florida are obligated to follow the Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Conduct of the Education Profession, which outlines the duties that educators must fulfill. Personal conduct is the most important part of Florida's code of ethics...

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