The Importance of Content Literacy and Dialogic Teaching in Primary School

Teacher and student interactions in primary school are an essential part of learning that determines how teaching occurs. Classroom interactions can be categorised as being teacher-centred or student-centred. In the former categorisation, an educator will pose a question to the students with a pre-determined answer, give an opportunity for the...

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Observation on Reflective Teaching

This is a personal tool that teachers can use to observe and evaluate the way they behave in their classroom by collecting information regarding what went on in classroom and take the time to analyze it by identifying what worked and what didn’t. Teacher will be able to look at the...

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Mindset of a Teacher

Mindset and Teaching Excellence Mindset plays a great role in shaping the act of teaching. Teaching excellence depends on the mindset of a teacher. There are two types of mindset; the growth and fixed. Sometimes a teacher may find himself with a fixed mindset depending on their goal. If a teacher...

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The Importance of Teacher Buy-In in the Use of Technology in Learning

I enjoyed reading your post. You did a good job in summarizing Rivera findings and presented them in a simplified manner. However, it would help if an analysis of Rivera findings was given as well. Nonetheless, what is evident from the post is that novice teachers are not experienced in...

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The Need for Teachers to Engage in a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is the personal belief that one can control his/her own ability, talent, and intelligence and that he/she can develop it through learning, good strategies, hard work, and more input from oneself and others as well (Bransford et. Al., 1999). Growth mindset has been touted as one of...

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Let's Use Video To Reinvent Education

Learning is an intrinsic part of the human development process. Nonetheless, students tend to experience many challenges in the learning process, which may negate their overall performances in classroom settings. The creation of an appropriate classroom setting is a vital component in the reinforcement of student participation and ultimate success....

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Importance of Classroom Assessment Techniques

Teaching is an essential aspect in the society and teachers require a specific procedure or technique to guide them on what to do and regarding the progressive learning state of students. Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) are non-graded, in-class assessment tools developed to help teachers get feedbacks useful in guiding them...

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Expert Teachers and Novice Teachers

Explain the Role Mindset has in Shaping the Role of TeachingExpert teachers have extensive knowledge of how they organize, interpret, and represent information in towards students. In effect, expert teachers have the ability to notice distinct features and meaningful patterns of information that cannot be noticed by novice teachers. Brown,...

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Effective Classroom Management

Effective classroom management is the routine application of various teaching techniques and skills in a manner that creates and promotes positive interactions, appropriate behaviour and a positive learning environment. Whereas students play a significant role in promoting an effective classroom, teachers are tasked with implementing effective strategies that characterize the...

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Teachers' Attitudes, Beliefs, and Disposition

Teachers’ attitudes, beliefs, and disposition are crucial in efforts to understand and improve educational processes and professional development. Essentially, all these aspects are closely linked to the strategies established for teachers to cope with challenges that they face with their daily professional life at school. Additionally, these concepts play a...

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My Expectations as a Teacher

There are rewards and problems that often form part and parcel of the teaching profession. They can be classed as either intrinsic or extrinsic depending on their effect on a teacher. The former classification refers to those effects directly experienced by the teacher while the latter is external. My expected...

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Why I Became a Teacher

They say that teaching is a calling. However, teachers devote their lives to education for reasons that are individually based. These reasons are personal, and therefore they give desires to teachers to make impacts on the lives of other people. I chose to become a teacher to make my contribution...

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