The Comparison between High School and College

I recall when we were in senior high school and were so excited to get into university. I was ecstatic to be in a different setting, to meet new friends, and to gain new experiences. I realized that high school is an institution where parents and teachers are in charge…

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As a student, he was the best teacher I ever had.

Teachers are supposed to train students to be better people in life. As a result, this paper investigates the characteristics of a successful teacher and how they influence the learning process. In many respects, the teacher was inspirational and motivating, which prompted us to believe in him. He made certain…

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Good grades not a necessity

Learning is the process of playing with and implementing new ideas and concepts. Education is important in forming people’s personalities so that they can become productive members of society. The educational process is important to students because it teaches them how to fit into the world they live in. Students…

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Reflection of English 1101

The primary purpose of English 1101 is to prepare students to interact effectively and to recognise or develop new information in a variety of situations. Via intensive writing practice or reading, led by evaluations and input from my course teacher, English 1101 helped me gain control over writing conventions. Efficient…

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Traditional Education vs. Online Education

The controversy over whether online or conventional education is better has sparked heated debate. Traditional education is the oldest form of learning that takes place in a classroom environment. Teachers are given a certain amount of time to complete their coursework. A face-to-face approach was used in conventional education, where…

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Philosophy of Education

Education philosophy is a set of beliefs that influence how and what students are taught and can be found in any school or teacher. It is a concept that addresses issues such as the need for education, the role of the teacher, and the content and methods to be taught….

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Class Size Discussion

The cultural values that teach the commitment of achievement, high expectations, a disciplined society, and teaching excellence are related to class size and school size. Teachers will support students because they spend more time with them, monitoring their skills and encouraging their actions yields of results, because there are less…

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Education’s Aspects

A new teacher is bound to face difficulties when they begin their career. It’s a big part of being a better teacher. It will be challenging to adjust to a new setting, meet children of various ages, and form relationships with coworkers. An instructor must learn from previous experiences to…

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Being a teacher in a classroom

While teaching, I reflect on my time as a student. Teaching in a classroom comes with both challenges and incentives. The unique aspect of teaching is that each student is individual. They act differently and have unique perspectives on all that happens in their setting. The cultural context is one…

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How long will this take?

When will I do this? Actual time taken Planned completion date Achieved 1.Topic selected 5 minutes 15 minutes July 18 No 2.Topic approved by teacher 30 minutes 15 minutes July 20 No 3.Preliminary brainstorm of ideas 20 minutes 30 minutes July 21 No 4.Research sources assessed and selected 1 hour…

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Teaching Discussion

The ability to transfer information to others has often fuelled controversy about whether the method is an art or a science. Teaching principles have continually formed the environment and context in which all educational issues are considered and determined. Teaching, like every other discipline, necessitates the use of suitable strategies…

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Logs of Observation

Lesson Observation Log for Field Experience and Practicum Non-certified teachers complete a total of 15 logs Certified teachers complete a total of 8 logs Student Name: Student ID: School: Date:Class:Grade: Subject: Science Type of Class (General/ Special Ed/Inclusion): Lesson Topic: Green Energy Cooperating Teacher: Learning Objective: The students are taught…

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