Essays on Early Childhood Education

Working with elementary school children

Working with elementary school children is one of the most critical elements of teaching in early childhood segments of learning institutions. While a number of issues are important in such a perspective, the establishment of quality teacher-child relationships is most fundamental. Quality teacher-child relationship is critical in the prediction of...

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Promotion of Cultural Change in Early Childhood Education

Social inclusion is feeling of all members of the community that they are a part of a bonded community that shares common values and identity. Every member s contribution to the community is recognized in social inclusion. Children of all the other members of the community are entitled and have...

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Core Principles of Ethics in Early Childhood Education

According to Solvason (2017) There has been a considerable increase in the need for ethics and professionalism in early childhood education just as in the other levels of education. Primarily, the fundamental principles of the code of ethics in early childhood are founded on the critical and esteemed morals of the...

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The Importance of Loose parts in Early Childhood Education

The use of loose parts is gaining momentum in the education of pre-school children. Loose parts are materials that are arranged in no particular way to assist children in the learning process. Play helps children to develop mentally and physically. Types of Loose Parts The main types of loose parts are natural...

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Role of Play in Early Childhood Education

Many individuals have thoroughly researched the role of play in the early childhood classroom. Besides enjoying the play, children also benefit from it in numerous ways and hence the importance of play. In the education world, the play might seem a vague term because of the unclear definition mainly when...

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Continuing Education and Training in Singapore Early Childhood Industry

The essay conclusively highlights the competency-based training approaches for adult workers. The focus, however, is primarily on the early childhood industry in Singapore. The competency-based approaches for adult workers revolve around the implementation of particular skills and knowledge and application to the distinct sectors within the appropriate performance standards required...

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Ethical Issues in Early Childhood Education

The daycare educators should utilize the best strategies to makes sure that children's safety and health are protected via the implementation of recommended Australian health and safety standards and guidelines. Therefore, theses education facilitators should ensure that learners are nourished through meeting the nutritional requirements. They also should provide sunshine...

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The Importance of Creative Arts in Early Childhood Education

Creative arts incorporates activities in which young children actively participate in involving their imaginations through puppetry, art, drama, dance and music resulting in the enhancement of child learning and development. When applied in early childhood education these activities engage children across all domains from physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language,...

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Early Childhood Development and Learning

Preschool instructors receive training in early childhood education and keep up with their education by taking college courses, attending workshops, and attending conferences. One's ability to instruct at St. Mary's Richard Tufenkiam Preschool is strengthened by such experience. Gross motor skills, social skills, artistic abilities, cognitive skills, and linguistic art...

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Reflect Report on Early Childhood

The shared responsibilities between families and teachers in childhood education have a long history. Each community has an important role to play in the education of a child. The value of relationships with families with teachers, children with teachers and children with parents is explored across three psychological theories. The...

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