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Climate refers to the general weather patterns in a certain area. Climate change is affected by a number of causes. This lesson will concentrate on events that introduce improvements in water, ice, and soil, as well as how they reflect climate. The academic environment must be beneficial to students. Seating…

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john gatto’s against school

The difference between schooling and education is one that has remained divisive to this day. For supporters of education, education has little to do with school; that is, classrooms and teachers are not needed for one to learn. They believe that active interactions are the perfect way to understand. As…

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In-depth interviews

In-depth interviews are qualitative research methods that involve interviewing a small group of respondents to learn about their perspectives on a specific subject (Denscombe, 2014 p. 15). However, interviews are commonplace in daily life, from classrooms and workplaces to health care facilities. They aid in gaining a better understanding of…

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Learning and Trauma

Every day, students enter a classroom with paper, pencils, and backpacks, as well as their own unique viewpoints on the world. Every child develops their own expectations and knowledge based on their experiences in the community, at home, and at school. In addition, nearly every school has at least one…

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Math Education History

Mathematics is the most commonly applied discipline in the world, with applications in almost every other field. It is applied not just in the classroom, but also in our everyday lives. The educational system is set up in such a way that a person gradually gains mathematical knowledge from the…

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“Hidden Intellectualism” by Gerald Graff

The distinctions between “street smart” and “book smart” students are a source of contention. Students who are book smart come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they hide in the street smart category, thus the term “hidden” intellectualism. Graff’s intellectual side came out during arguments when he used…

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Parental participation Paper

There are numerous activities and information articles available to assist you in becoming more involved with your child’s needs. According to studies, parental involvement in education, particularly substantial involvement, has a significant impact on a child’s ability to understand in a classroom (Bandlow 17). It goes on to discuss the…

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A classroom teacher is one of the most influential people in charge of imparting information to students in a specific field of study. The main responsibilities are to prepare students for the proposed curriculum, teach the appropriate subjects, and perform tests on the taught course to determine the students’ level…

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Family resource center in the classroom

What do you put in a family resource center in the classroom? How can you inform the families and make it available to them? Professional motivational and inspiring articles for parents’ support will be included. I’d enlist the help of seasoned outside consultants. I’d build a therapeutic entertainment area for…

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Strategies/Possible Solutions for Misbehavior in the Inclusion Classroom

Strategies/Possible Solutions for Misbehavior in the Inclusion Classroom (insert citations here) Bad parenting has been identified as a significant contributor to classroom misbehavior (Ghazi et al., 2013). 1. Hold workshops with parents to educate them about the importance of active parental participation in their children’s education. These seminars should discuss…

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Academic Learning and Digital Technologies

Incorporating digital applied sciences to classroom learning proves to have profound benefits to each the teacher and the students. Digital technologies comprise digital resources, tools, systems, and devices which are involved in the creation, storage, and processing of information. Key examples of the electronic equipment are interoperable systems, mobile devices,…

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Classroom Technologies

Technology use in the classroom is growing and affecting how the students learn and the instructors teach. The availability of the web in many parts of the country is influencing this. The laptops and smartphones are even now cheaper due to the extensive varieties. Many students own either a laptop…

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