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The Importance of Culturally Responsive Teaching and Inclusive Classroom Practices

Building culturally responsive teaching and inclusive classroom practices are necessary if there is to be high social and academic achievement in schools. The road to get there is tight, and both the students and teachers alike need to develop a habit of creating a new action and thought because there...

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The Impact of Cultural Bias in Classroom Assessments

The results of an assessment The results of an assessment should be designed to reflect the students’ level of understanding. The reflection is the evaluation of the knowledge taught to the students and how well they have comprehended (Sweller 295). However, not all assessments reflect this knowledge. Actually, without the conscious...

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The Productive Struggle in the Classroom

According to Vygotsky’s theory, the productive struggle can be explained in a situation where a learner asks for assistance from another person when solving an academic problem such as a mathematical question. The cultural and social environment propagates cognitive growth and is referred to as situated learning and cognition where the...

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Teaching Philosophy

Every teacher should develop a teaching philosophy and share with the others. In order for one to develop a teaching philosophy, he or she must first understand core beliefs and personal assumptions. With these understanding, a teacher is able to know and justify why a certain act has occurred or...

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The Importance of Classroom Assessment Techniques

Classroom Assessment Technique refers to the usual, ungraded, and unidentified classroom undertakings that have been deliberated to provide tutors and learners vital response during learning. Example of CATs includes non-complex questions which are given to learners, simple paper tests, problem-solving principles, and significant matrix figures.  The activity of carrying out TESTs...

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The Effects of Peer Interaction in Classroom Learning

The present essay set out to examine the effect of peer interactions in classroom learning. It also explores the relationship between psychological theories, including social interaction, operant conditioning, and cognitive elaboration theory, and the peer learning in a classroom setting. The findings depict that student's classroom learning is influenced by...

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Importance of Classroom Assessment Techniques

Teaching is an essential aspect in the society and teachers require a specific procedure or technique to guide them on what to do and regarding the progressive learning state of students. Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) are non-graded, in-class assessment tools developed to help teachers get feedbacks useful in guiding them...

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The Influence of Peer Interaction on Classroom Learning

The research aim was to explore the influence of peer interaction on classroom learning. In the paper, learning is defined as a collective and participatory process of active knowledge interaction, while the concept of peer interaction if perceived as a method of cognitive elaboration which is carried out between students...

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Classroom Management

Classroom management Classroom management requires the introduction and application of strategies. Effective management of classroom involves the applications of certain strategies that differ from one classroom to another. Every classroom is different therefore these strategies vary from one educator to another. A classroom should have written rules that stipulates the role...

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Classroom Management Strategies

College students' behavior in class College students behave differently during a class they are not interested in; maybe it for the reasons that most of them are still in the adolescent's stages. Poor or late class attendances are among the activities that show students are not excited to show up for...

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The Importance of Cellphone Integration in the Classroom

My name is John Owen, pursuing a Bachelor s degree in Law. I am writing to inform of the important of letting students access their phones in the classroom, and to ask you to do everything in your power to ensure that the lectures reconsider their stand on phone abolition...

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Use of Mobile Phones in Class

The Use of Mobile Phones in Class The use of mobile phones in class, especially smartphones is a troubling trend that faces educators and learners all over the world. The idea that smartphones could be used in class for pedagogical purposes remains a contentious topic. The internet capabilities of smartphones could...

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