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Proposal of overseas class in Thailand

The suggestion of an international course in Thailand is the main goal of this essay. Most of the American students in this class, as well as students from other nations, will be able to learn and respect Thai culture and language thanks to it (Barmé, p. 76). Most American students...

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Being an international student in the United States

Due to the slight misconceptions held by the locals, it can be difficult to be a foreign student in the United States. I have been dying for so long to study at an American center of distinction in order to reach my full academic potential. The chance arrived sooner than...

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The Impact of Saudi Scholarship Program

Since the turn of the century, there have been numerous exchanges between various civilizations, made possible by migration between continents. The necessity to pursue higher education in the industrialized nations found on the continents of America, Europe, Australia, and Asia has sparked these movements. The situation has been the same...

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How to Identify Your Academic Interests

You might have a strong academic interest in a particular subject, but if you don't know how to pursue it, you can explore your passions outside of the classroom. Whether you've had a fishing license since you were 10, volunteered on trail crews during migration season, or watched popular science...

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Essay on My story

I am a second-year international student with a major in business. When I was growing up, I've always seen the United States as a nation out of our world. My obsession with the world prompted me to establish an early objective of understanding the history and business of the United...

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