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I am a second-year international student with a major in business. When I was growing up, I’ve always seen the United States as a nation out of our world. My obsession with the world prompted me to establish an early objective of understanding the history and business of the United States. My ultimate goal is to adapt the lessons learned to the development of a world-class industry in my home country.
To help me accomplish the ultimate goal of building a world-class industry in my home country, I see my academic growth as an important part of this phase. I aim to ensure that I develop critical thinking skills so as to be able to solve real-life problems that I will encounter in the pursuit of my objective. Towards this end, I have developed a plan that will hopefully guide me towards the attainment of my aim.

I am currently pursuing internship opportunities that will expose me to the actual workings of American business while at the same time growing my campus business. My university entrepreneurial venture facilitates the repair of student electronics. I have developed a collection centre for electronics and a network of professional electronic repairers across the state which enables me to minimise the time spent in searching for professional repairmen. I especially enjoy learning about different theories related to business, and I work hard to ensure my grades are reflective of my enthusiasm.

By translating what I learn into practical action, I will be able to facilitate the economic development of my country and help many people to enjoy the best that life has to offer. I consider it a personal responsibility to promote the creation of better communities.

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