Essays on Child Development

Analysis of Eileen Munro's Recommendations

This project aims to assess whether the primary schools in the UK implemented Eileen Munro’s Recommendations. It critically analyses the effectiveness of child protection in UK’s primary schools. The report advocates for review on child protection targets which enable both children and social workers a freedom to apply judgment as...

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Sex, Gender, Age, Race, and Diagnosis of Adolescents

The research sample included 28 in-patients adolescents (n=28) and whose demographic data included the following. The patients were male or female with gender identification as trans-male, cis-male, cis-female, and gender fluid. The participants ages ranged from 13 to 17 years old. The race of the participants included White (n=15),...

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Recast and Language Development

The purpose of this study is to examine how a child aged between 25 to 26 months progressively responds to recast during the early years of language development. Further, the research seeks to employ a case study of a polish child to establish how recast, as a corrective technique, affects...

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Eileen Munro's Child Safeguarding Practice

The discussion section elaborates the argument on whether any of Eileen Munro’s recommendations were implemented. To begin with, let us briefly review some of the endorsements. The Munro report changes the current child protection approach that is extremely rigid and incomprehensible because of the bureaucratic procedures that leave professionals glued...

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Microfinance in Bangladesh

The Concept of Microfinance The concept of microfinance has existed for a long time. A number of developed states along with developing nations specifically in Asia feature a lengthy background associated with microfinance. This thesis offers a comprehensive understanding of the vision of the services linked to microcredit in Bangladesh. Furthermore,...

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The Role of Parents and Teachers in Inclusive Education

Social interactions and play are essential activities in early child development. Terpstra and Tamura (2008, p.405) argue that most of the skills learned by children are passed over from their peers; for instance the awareness of social roles, communication and reaction to life situations. Typically children prefer interacting with colleagues...

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The Impact of the Read 180 Programs for Students in the 7th Grade with Learning Disabilities

Reading and writing are important skills in the learning process. The ability to use oral language is also important in learning. This paper presents the theoretical framework selected based on the research question. The research question is “what is the impact of the read 180 programs for students in the...

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The Effects of Social Media Addiction on Young Adults

Obsession with smartphones and the social media can greatly affect stress levels and one’s relationships. Roberts (2016) argues that behavioral and substance addictions to social media can be categorized into six groups namely; tolerance, salience, conflict, euphoria, relapse and withdrawal symptoms. According to Dallas (2016), internet addiction is linked to mental...

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The Effect of Foreign Aid to Economic Performance of Eastern African Countries

Evidence of the ineffectiveness of foreign aid is easily observed in the African Countries. The deliberation and research on the effectiveness of this foreign assistance is still and ongoing debate and perhaps it may still go on for a long period of time. Going back to the post second war...

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Child Protection in the United Kingdom

Child Protection is a fundamental issue that has been addressed at various levels of governance. The United Kingdom is one of the many countries that are still grappling with how best to protect a child from any dangerous exposure. Prof Eileen Munro was tasked to come up with a report...

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The Consequences of Child Maltreatment on Children

Are you aware of the Eileen Munro’s Recommendations? Any suspicion of child abuse in school or at home? Can you relate mood disorders you recently noticed in your child to child maltreatment? Can you relate poor academic performance you recently noticed in your child to child abuse? The Figure 1 below represents the data...

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Social Skills of Children

Social skills allow effective communication good interactions of children with their parents through their life. It is, therefore, necessary for children to have key personal skills and qualities as they develop in the family system and interact with their parents. Objectives i. Identify...

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