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about the mind

Any human, at some stage, becomes overwhelmed, and the mind becomes disconnected from or escapes from the “self.” However, certain individuals have a propensity to retreat more often and over longer periods of time, which may contribute to a pattern of behavior. According to Stout, the habit of withdrawing from…

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go carolina by david sedaris

About everybody in the world has seen a difficult time in their lives at a young age. Those who managed to get through their childhood without encountering any temptations or difficulties are right to think of themselves as fortunate. David Sedaris, the author of the short story Go Carolina, was…

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Goblin Market and mary prince courage

The writers of these two literary works have outlined the characters’ personal stories and have continued to represent the performers by focusing on their early life struggles. The key subject of Westley and Davis’s story The History of Mary Prince goes through life as a childhood slave, then as an…

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The term “modernism” refers to a modern way of thought and practicing that differs from the conventional rules and writing methods used by older writers prior to the twentieth century. Any of the main forces that influenced the emergence of modernism were the development of modern industrial economies, the rapid…

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The Passionate Shepherd to His Love explication

Christopher Marlowe wrote and published The Passionate Shepherd to His Love in 1599. The Elizabethan political context is referenced in The Passionate Shepherd. The poem was composed in the traditional iambic tetrameter. It is a poetic form, a pastoral lyric, that is used to create an imagery picture of a…

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The Dream of Red Chamber is a hundred and twenty chapter novel

The Dream of Red Chamber is a novel of a hundred and twenty chapters written by Cao Xueqin and published in 1988. In the book, the author uses suspense on many occasions. Why does the author have suspense in the storyline’s plot? I would contend that the author is driven…

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“One Boy Told Me” By Naomi Shihab Nye

In Naomi Shihab Nye’s poetry “One Boy Told Me,” the poet refers to a wide range of scandals that people face on a regular basis. The poem’s phrase of Naomi demonstrates that words have the ability to restore everything to the soul if they are believed. The poem portrays the…

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the Guests of a Nation elements of fiction

Frank O’Connor has held places among Ireland’s most illustrious academics. He has also been a well-known short-story writer. Fiction is described as writing as exposition, especially short stories and books, that depicts nonexistent events and people that are not entirely based on history or reality. O’Connor often employs naturalistic fiction…

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willis lamb’s she’s come undone

The title She’s Come simply means that she has reached the age of majority. Dolores passé, the main character in this novel, has been through a lot of experiences from childhood to adulthood. Hers is a neurological and mental journey from adolescence to adulthood. Many incidents occur that either positively…

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The age between 13 years and 19 years

Teenagers represent the period between the ages of 13 and 19 when a person transitions from childhood to adulthood. Both cognitive and physical changes occur during adolescence. When a child is under the age of thirteen, psychosocial and material changes will occur during the pre-teen years, between the ages of…

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The stages of growth in human life

There are a variety of sources and descriptions for the phases of human development. Erik Erikson, Lawrence Kohlberg, Lev Vygotsky, and Jean Piaget are some of the theorists who have contributed to a deeper understanding of development by offering more helpful knowledge about the essence and process of development from…

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Nature’s and Nurture’s Roles in Human Development

The contribution of nature and nurture to human development has sparked endless debates over the years, but no one has determined which of the two factors plays a more significant role in human development than the other (Mojica, 2017). In an ideal world, both nature and nurture play important roles…

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