Essays on Adolescence

The Adolescent Development

Adolescence is that time where a young adult enters the puberty stage and spur growth. In this phase, these individuals may grow into a few inches after a few months following a slower increase like the increase in height (Jones, 2013). Adolescence comes with several changes. The significant variation that...

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The Role of Media in Perpetuating Myth-Based News About Sex Among Adolescents

Joel and Boggle illuminate on the perceived sex extremism among youths in the “Kids Gone Wild”. Sexual perversion among adolescents and the role of media in propagating moral decadence are covered in details as the authors internalize about whether teens have gone out of control regarding sexual relations. The book...

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The Role of Media in Propagating Sex Extremism Among Adolescents

Joel and Boggle in the "Kids Gone Wild" illuminate on the perceived sex extremism among youths. The themes sexual perversion among adolescents and the role of the media in propagating moral decadence are covered in details as the authors internalize about whether teens have gone out of control in relation their...

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Adolescents and Human Trafficking

Introduction Human trafficking has become a great concern for governments as well as law enforcers as they try to eradicate the practice. However, there exist a bigger challenge to the psychologists and social workers who are involved with rehabilitating the affected. One of the biggest issues is the situation of the...

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Evolutionary Psychology in Social Work

A Psychosocial Theory Concept Paper – AnnotatedBibliography Dissanayake, E. (2017). Ethology, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Play: Insights into the Evolutionary Origin of the Arts. American Journal of Play, 9(2), 143-168. The article provides a deep description of the theory of human evolution and its relation to ethology, which is the study of social...

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The Changing Sexual Norms Among Teens in Contemporary Society

This chapter’s ‘Doing Sociological Research Box’ highlights the changing sexual norms in contemporary society as teens are somewhat more sexuality conservative. In my opinion, the theory that explains such changes is the Social Norms theory, which posits that people's behaviors get influenced by misperceptions of their peers' actions and thinking....

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Mood Swings in Adolescents

As a teenage girl, I was overwhelmed to join college so that I can proceed with my studies and achieve my dream career. Tara Parker-Pope and Lisa Belkin focus on children and adolescents, which are two groups of young people that require support from their parents for growth and development...

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The Impact of Single-Parent Families on Children

Christie-Seely, Janet, and Yves Talbot. "Assessing The Single-Parent Family." Pubmed, 31 Sept. 1985, p. 1633–1639., Accessed 19 Oct. 2018.             The article critically reviews the single-parent family issues by ideally linking psychosocial problems and illness associated with stress to single parenthood. The authors have explained to us that divorces and...

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The Effect of Technology on Adolescents Behavior

Cenameri, Monika " Taci, Poleta. "The Impact of Technology on Adolescent Behavior." Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, vol.4, no.2 (2015): 288-294 Doi:10.5901/ajis.2015.v4n2s2p288. This article examines the effect of technology and internet use on adolescent behavior. The authors utilize a quantitative method of collecting data from eight hundred and ten high school...

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Gaming and its Effects on Teens and Adolescents

Gaming and its effects on teens and adolescents has become a notorious issue in our society today. There have been several debates on this topic with some people insisting that gaming can have serious detrimental effects on the lives of the teens/adolescents while others arguing that gaming has positive effects...

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Adverse Effects of Technology on Teenagers

Technology is highly utilized in the world today.  The use of technology is progressing exponentially. Technology, when used in moderation plays an essential role in both marketing and education purposes. However, its overuse results in various adverse effects. There is noted increased widespread use of laptop computers, iPods, cell phones,...

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The Effects of Technology on Society

The advent of technology has brought with it a situation where it is a dominant factor in our lives especially as seen with teenagers and young adults. Within the past ten years, there has been an increase in the instances of people sharing photographs online, tweeting and liking posts on...

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