Essays on Adolescence

Cognitive Development in Childhood and Adolescence

Cognitive development can be defined as the formation of thought processes such as problem solving, decision-making and memory from childhood to adulthood through adolescence (Bjorklund & Causey, 2017). In other words, cognitive development is concerned with how people, through the exchange of learned and genetic variables, think, interpret and gain…

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Progress In Puberty

Adolescence refers to the time in which, from the beginning of adolescence to adulthood, a person undergoes physical and psychological development. At this point, people between the ages of thirteen and twenty-one are considered to be Puberty refers to biological changes, such as height and weight, that happen to a…

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Adolescent Stereotypical View about Aging

I recall visiting my maternal grandmother regularly as a teenager to check how she was faring. She was in her late fifties by then and lived alone. As she used to be quiet and less talkative, I never really appreciated these visits. Her silence also made it impossible for me…

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