“Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and the time of death: factors associated with night-time and day-time deaths”

The article “Syndrome and the time of death: factors correlated with night-time and day-time deaths” reflects on the causes of Sudden Infant Death as well as an overview of the risk factors of children’s sleeping environments. According to studies, the disorder usually happens during an infant’s sleep cycle and has…

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Infant vaccination

The infant vaccine is more than a gamble because it is cost-effective, eliminates infections, and provides people with protection. Despite the controversy and problems associated with immunization, pediatric vaccination has dramatically increased infant wellbeing. Is Infant Vaccination Worth the Risk? An infant vaccination is a surgical procedure that protects children…

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Exposure to the stressor

Stressor sensitivity is both a hospital course for children and single infants. Reduced parietal and frontal brain width, temporal lobe functional connectivity and altered diffusion measures (Neonatal intensive care unit stress is associated with brain development in preterm infants). In addition, behavioral disorders, particularly neurobehavioral testing, may be present. Exposure…

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