Descriptive Essays

It is a common essay type among the various university courses because such a paper aims to provide readers with a detailed description with the use of technical terms, real-life examples, similar research projects, or even literary techniques like metaphors and allegories. You can check our essay examples as a reference to get a basic idea. Remember that each essay sample is only a starting point with a structure and a list of suggestions, yet you can see how it works in practice. Feel free to check more than one descriptive paper sample to compare different approaches and understand how descriptive narration is implemented from case to case. Likewise, you can use it to determine what is suitable for a particular topic and adjust your writing style accordingly.

The Northshore 02

Date Art Review (Isabelle Hayeur, Northshore 02 2015-2016) The Northshore 02, an art which showcases the carcass of sea creatures like the fish at the water body's shore is a unique occurrence. It also shows that the water body had high water levels but now it has declined having had three-quarter of...

Words: 570

Pages: 3

A Literary Analysis of Barry Glassner’s The Culture of Fear

Literary analysis of the culture of fear of Barry Glassner Crippling, unfounded fears take hold of the lives of American citizens on a daily basis, at least as Barry Glassner portrays the everyday American life in his book The Culture of Fear: Why Americans Are Afraid of the False Stuff. The...

Words: 934

Pages: 4

Ukiyo-e and Modern Art

The Ukiyo-e: Images of the Floating World The Ukiyo-e are images of the floating world that has the names of the prints and paintings primarily which give an explanation for the transition of the licensed pleasure to that of the Edo and present day in Tokyo Japan. The Concept of Ukiyo and...

Words: 728

Pages: 3

Cultural Comparison of Theme of marriage between Arabs and Americans.

Regarding time, subculture, and individuals involved Marriage means distinctive things to people. One act may appear utterly absurd in one culture and applicable in another. Marriage may mean a lot of one-of-a-kind things according to the time and region of the culture and people involved. What can also seem absurd in...

Words: 1428

Pages: 6

Rhinoceros play by Eugene Ionesco

Eugene Ionesco: The Playwright and His Works Eugene Ionesco was born in Rome in November 1909. He moved to France after his youth. Later in his teenhood, he returned to Romania, where he worked as a French tutor. He went back to France to complete his doctoral studies and then stayed...

Words: 904

Pages: 4

Soil Texture

The Soil and Its Properties The soil is the topmost layer of the earth's surface, the outermost layer of the crust, and has properties that dictate a multitude of influences, such as water flow, percolation, and the types of plants that can thrive. These characteristics include soil texture, water holding ability,...

Words: 1245

Pages: 5

Communicating in a crisis

Hurricane Harvey caused devastation in Puerto Rico in August 2017. (Tarlow, 2017). The exclamation from the president was "Wow!" "When he saw expert comments claiming that the tragedy was "1 out of 500 floods." "In addition, when speaking through the crisis, the president said that he would "drain the swamp"....

Words: 897

Pages: 4

Higher Education Role

Higher education is one of the most important aspects that people consider in their lives. It is expected that once a student graduates from high school, they will get an opportunity to expand their knowledge via the higher learning. The education is expected to enhance their lives through putting the...

Words: 1595

Pages: 6

UMUC Plagiarism Policy Discussiono

UMUC's Plagiarism Policy UMUC's plagiarism policy underpins the institution's desire to uphold academic integrity in the college community. This includes principles such as honesty, truth, as properly as fairness and respect. The aim is to underline the want to avoid dishonesty in all its forms which includes plagiarism, fabrication, bribery for...

Words: 322

Pages: 2

The Identity of Tom White

Tom White and his Contribution to Haiti Tom White was the donor who contributed money that would go to help the negative people in Haiti. He was a businessman who used to be wealthy and charitable. Ho was the proprietor of a construction company in Boston. Tom used to be very...

Words: 580

Pages: 3

new york and tourism

New York is one of the largest cities in the United States. The massive scale of the state is due to the high number of economic activities that provide the city with a source of income that encourages development. The city drew 35 million visitors in 2002. However, the figure...

Words: 2369

Pages: 9

Afghan Restaurant

Afghan Restaurant plans to serve real, nutritious Afghan food and freshly baked Afghan bread (Naan). The facility targets servicemen and women and encourages them to bring their allies and buy goods from the company. The company strives to do the same by creating an eco-friendly and creative climate. It will...

Words: 1099

Pages: 4

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