The Identity of Tom White

Tom White and his Contribution to Haiti

Tom White was the donor who contributed money that would go to help the negative people in Haiti. He was a businessman who used to be wealthy and charitable. Ho was the proprietor of a construction company in Boston. Tom used to be very willing to help Farmer due to the fact he was well acquainted with the act of supporting the poor. This single act came out naturally. White had been used to the act of giving out money to these who needed it for many years. The relationship between White and Farmer grew with the day. It reached a point where white admired Farmer due to his intelligence and dedication to his duties. White’s goal in life was to ensure the needy people of the world got what they needed when they needed it most. He was compassionate about the needs of the poor.

Origin of AIDS in Haiti

AIDS is a virus that had come to Cange, Haiti from the United States according to Farmer. His epidemiological data proved that it came to Haiti through tourists who traversed Haiti, Canada and the United States. A virus transmitted through sex causes AIDS. Farmer notes that the sex tourists had AIDS. The tourists would request pittance in the slums of Carrefour in exchange for sex. Farmer’s predecessors pointed to Africa as the source of this dangerous virus. However, recently Haiti had been a scapegoat on AIDS pandemic since its arrival in1985.

The Dependability of Lives of Service

Those who willingly surrender their lives for the service of their fellow human beings receive a full share of support from people who are like minded. The people who support are privileged in one form or another, it may be resources or advice as it may seem helpful. This implies that they have to depend on others to fulfill their mission. Dr. Farmer is a perfect embodiment of this character. Firstly, he received help from Tom White who willingly gave him chunks of money in aiding the charity activities in Haiti. Farmer received support psychologically when Lafontant advised him on the best course of action early on in his life. I receive support from my friends and families on the psychological strengths one needs when venturing into service and charity. Additionally, I support charitable organizations through various donations which I make occasionally.

Compassion with a Difference

Ophelia Dahl and Tom white play a critical role in the compassion part of the story. Tom White and Ophelia Dahl are different in every sense from Farmer. Farmer was very much committed to acts of compassion than his lover-Ophelia. His acts of compassion are some of the reasons that made Dahl refuse his proposal. The acts of compassion of Tom White are materialistic. His acts contrast those of Farmer who is mainly dealing with the community actively. As seen above one of his philosophies was to follow his heart. He is an active Catholic enthusiast who follows the Catholic principle of liberation through good deeds in the community. Unlike the former two, Farmer is more than ready to lose in touch with his family as long as his acts of compassion get to the people who need it the most. It comes a time when his family gets so detached from him. Tom White always wanted to be a part of a group of people who made an impact on the society through the monetary contribution.

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