Hidden Place where 20s British have Sexual Relationships in the UK

Young people, particularly those in their 20s, often demonstrate an active sex life since the age bracket is largely characterized by the search for lifetime partners as well as settling down in marriage. However, youths in different regions show differing trends in the way that they approach their sex life,...

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The Role of Women in the Society

The role of women in the society has been a subject of interest especially following the emergence of feminism that targets to empower woman across the globe. The female body has been the center of debate throughout history with different cultures presenting varied opinions on the way a woman should...

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Counseling Skills

Marriage divorces have been the current issue in our modern society. Due to the recurring incidences of marriage breakups, these problems are slowly taking root in our communities and seen as right. However, divorces are not usually the best solution to marital conflicts. I believe that there is always an...

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The Influence of Beauty Bloggers on Generation Z

Beauty bloggers often explore the subjects in a way that caters most to the interests of the age-group they choose to target. They strive to understand the issues that most impact their peers and address them explicitly. Young beauty bloggers are especially well-placed in today’s online culture. They operate at...

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The Impact of Modernity on Intimate Relationships

4.1 Introduction Technological advances in mobile communication devices and breakthrough in dating apps, virtual communities have emerged, characterized by increased socialization in a virtual society. Dating in contemporary societies is only a swipe away. Studies indicate that at least 1 in 10 Americans use online dating services (Alhabash, Hales, Baek...

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Jealousy Evoking within' an Interpersonal Relationship

An interpersonal relationship can be described as an emotional/romantic partnership between two individuals. Interpersonal relationships can bring out positive emotions and feelings of togetherness in people. However, people have a habit to forget how important two individuals are to each other in a romantic relationship and may stray from their...

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The Concept of Attachment: A Study on One-Year-Old Infants

Generally, human beings understand the term attachment as a form of constant feeling in which one is emotionally sealed to another person or something. Psychologically, the attachment is widely viewed as that feeling of love and the want for someone else or another individual majorly for care and security. In...

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The Ideal Lady in Ovid's Pygmalion

Ovid's Metamorphoses is at times seen as primarily a misanthropic, twisted dream because of the incredibly high volume of sexual maltreatment that swarms it, as Richlin calls attention to, fifty assaults inside fifteen books. While a pertinent contention, this paper will investigate the depiction of ladies in the Metamorphoses in...

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Infidelity as a Hurtful Experience

Esther Perel’s TED talk on infidelity was an intriguing and transcendent talk that accurately captured the factors that contribute to affairs in marriages. Case in point, one aspect that Esther expounded upon as the provocative factor to engage in an affair, is the desire to be happy (Perel). In today’s...

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Australians’ Attitude towards Same-Sex Marriage

Society construct on the issue of marriages are strict and enshrined in religious, political and demographic foundations. According to Christianity, marriage is divine and is only between a man and a woman as God created Eve to be a helper to Adam (Gen 2:18, NIV). Sex is the most sacred...

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Adult Attachment and Types of Adult Love

The style of attachment affects everything from the way we develop a relationship with our partners to how well we select the partners themselves to sadly, how relationships break up. Recognizing the attachment styles and its impacts on love can help us to understand our vulnerabilities and strengths in a...

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The Impact of Love on Human Behaviors

Love and its Influence on Behaviors Love has a significant influence on our behaviors by whatever definition of love we can give. It is a breathtaking step to find out that scientists have taken the pleasure of studying love on how it has a significant impact on our behaviors. Attachment and the...

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