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Writing a relationship essay is an important task that will prove helpful in understanding human communication. Throughout life, people enter into various kinds of relationships, which are based on their interaction with each other. Relationship essays explore different kinds of relationships: professional, romantic, family, friendly, trade, political, and so on – they are countless. Interpersonal relationships are a basis for most human activities. They are built and strongly dependent on communication. Essays on relationship point out that in order for any relationships to be successful and fruitful, people must be honest, respectful, caring, and supportive to one another. Look through relationship essay samples below. We made an effort to compose highly informative and interesting essay samples for you to read so your essays could be even better.

Effects of Divorce on Children

The term divorce describes the act of legally dissolving a marriage, usually between a man and a woman. However, with the modern social constructs, the term has been modified to include same-sex partners as the law allows for such marriages. Divorce deals with both partners being in unison to terminate...

Words: 308

Pages: 2

The Emergence of The Digital Culture Has Shaped Our Everyday Lives

The emergence of the digital culture has shaped our everyday lives in significant ways. With the modern technologies, people are able to connect, regardless of their locations, time zones and cultural backgrounds; as a result, forming an intimated relationship is easier than ever. The Tinder dating app is promoting liquid...

Words: 2430

Pages: 9

Best wishes for the New Year 2019

I hope that you are doing well friend and having a wonderful New Year’s Eve, however, I am so eager to deliver my best wishes for you in the New Year 2019. First of all, may your New Year be full of renewal, success, love, such as a cell phone...

Words: 276

Pages: 2

Family Meal Time

Taking meals with family provides the opportunity to engage in conversations with family members. Spending time with family is fundamental and taking meals together helps give a chance to bond with each other. Listening to my family over meals when I was a child often made me forget the time...

Words: 654

Pages: 3

500 Days of Summer film

1. Summarize your reaction to this film in a four to five-sentence poem, rhyming or non-rhyming. Inspired by love, she was his summer The heart that gave her warmth Her sparkling and overwhelming glow Summer left a flavorless emptiness of season; Autumn blows a squall of intended motive 2....

Words: 855

Pages: 4

Steps to Match Users in a Dating App

Due to the increasing rate of urbanization and digitalization elements such as relationships are undergoing severe transformations. Unlike in the olden days where parents found suitors for their children, today, perfect matches are only a swipe away. Current dating sites have redefined the methods people get to meet with each...

Words: 619

Pages: 3

Effective Interpersonal Communication

Welcome to this new journey of marriage union and congratulations. You are dear friends to me, and I thought it appropriate to share some of the information I have learnt based on effective interpersonal communication. I have experienced positive changes in my marriage as a result of the education. Principles and...

Words: 1527

Pages: 6

The Importance of Communication in Relationships

Today, ending relationships is being used as an easy way out when people fail to agree or communicate effectively. A relationship is a special or emotional connection between people. When people who are closely connected fail to communicate effectively, it can lead to broken relationships. Lack of communication leads to...

Words: 827

Pages: 4

The Impact of Divorce on Children

Divorce is quite often a despondent event set apart by disillusionment and the loss of dreams and desires. Also, there are normally several financial, emotional, legal, parental, and functional viewpoints that require changes in routines and responsibilities, and it can take individuals years to recover. In any case, divorce serves...

Words: 1602

Pages: 6

The Importance of Forgiveness in Relationships

When my mother and I went shopping for some antiques in the mall last week, I noticed a new ice cream café. The place looked cool and fun to hang around with my friends from school over the weekends. So when I got back home, I called up my best...

Words: 367

Pages: 2

Obsessive Love Wheel

Using sociologist John Alan Lee's love styles (refer to pages 261- 263 of Intimate Relationships, and pay special attention to Table 8.7 'Styles of Loving' found on the top of page 262) from chapter eight of "Intimate Relationships", what is the predominant love style for most of the characters presented...

Words: 1768

Pages: 7

The Impact of Electronic Medical Record on Patient-Doctor Relationship

The article is a research based on secondary sources to establish how EMR impact the doctor-patient relationship. A literature review of the subject is conducted from relevant sources such as the Ovid MEDICINE with a clear focus on key terminologies that are related to medical technology and communications. The study...

Words: 605

Pages: 3

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