100 Engaging Controversial Essay Topics

When students are asked to write an argumentative paper, they start with looking for controversial argumentative essay topics. It’s a good decision: if you succeed in finding something great to write about, you stand more chances at getting a satisfying grade. But despite knowing this, making a choice is not easy. For one thing, you should have a clear idea of what a controversial essay even is. It is a genre of writing where you present an opinion others could dispute and prove its validity as well as accuracy. In other words, you pick a subject that causes arguments among society members, voice your point of view, and work hard to prove it by relying on scientific evidence.

In the long run, you’ll benefit from completing a fair number of similar essays: you’ll understand what it takes to participate in debates and how to defend your position. The choice of topic is tough since while there are many potentially interesting things to discuss, only some of them will be to your liking, and even fewer will be something you understand well enough to argue about. We’ll be glad to show you how to approach the choosing process and how to settle on the best theme possible.

How to Pick Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics for College

At times, students are given a list from which they should pick their essay topics. This is a frustrating experience since they don’t get a right to really choose the topic they like. But fortunately, it doesn’t happen often, so if you are studying at college, you can expect to be given a free reign. Four tips below will show you how to go about picking an essay topic for a controversial paper.

  1. Go through things you find engaging. Good controversial topics for essays are the ones that evoke some intense feelings in you. They could be positive or negative, but in any way, they should be something that makes you want to speak up. Recall the arguments you had online or with your friends and family recently. Maybe you saw something in the news and got angry? Did you read an article that got you passionate about the discussed topic? It could be anything, so think carefully.
  2. Play a choosing game. If you have some essay ideas in mind but cannot settle on any of them, try a choosing game. This could also work in case you haven’t decided on anything at all yet. Pick a place, sit there, and note down everything you see or hear. Assign numbers to these things, and then ask a friend to choose one. Such an approach is fun, and it’s an easy way to arrive at a decision regarding your topic.
  3. Check sources. When preparing for essay tasks, your first question should be, what are some controversial topics to write about? The second question should concern sources. Whatever subject you selected, it should be supported by credible resources that are peer-reviewed and have a DOI. Having an opposing position could be great, but if you are the only person who shares it, it’ll create some difficulties. Academic essays should be supported with some evidence, so your analysis cannot be performed merely based on your opinions. If you cannot locate trustworthy sources, better choose another topic.
  4. Discuss with the supervisor. Once you made a decision, consult with your professor. They could give you valuable advice or warn you against some topics. If you are moving in the wrong direction, they will let you know in advance so that you wouldn’t waste your time for no reason.

100 Top Controversial Topics to Write About

There are many classical ways of choosing between topics on debatable issues, but with the evolution of the Internet, things have become much easier. You can search for online lists with suggestions, and they’ll give you the inspiration you need. We prepared this kind of list just below. There are ten popular topic categories there, with ten diverse themes in each. Take whichever you like best!

Controversial Essay Ideas on Education

Here are some traditional controversial argument topics related to education. All students will likely find them relatable!

  1. Education Gained in the US Has Lost Its Prestige
  2. The Importance of Doing Homework Diligently Is Overestimated
  3. Education Has become Redundant Today Because You Can Find a Job Anyway
  4. Governments & Universities Should Pay Full Tuition For All Their Students
  5. Physical Punishments for Children and Animals Should Be Made a Crime
  6. Minors Should Have the Right for Purchasing Condoms
  7. Children Should Be Taught About Different Kinds of Sexuality From Early Age
  8. Parents Should Never Supervise Their Children’s Online Actions
  9. No Student Should Ever Be Expelled From Educational Establishments
  10. Competitions Among Students Encourage Hurt and Feeling of Inadequacy

Controversial Essay Prompts on Technology

Technological progress has changed our lives to a profound extent. These controversial persuasive essay topics reflect this.

  1. iPhone Is an Uncomfortable and Highly Overrated Phone
  2. Cloning Must Be Provided for Acceptable Prices to Grieving Families
  3. Drones Could Be Used for Turning Wars into Soldier-less Fights
  4. Wi-Fi Has Many Serious Drawbacks & Should Be Used with Care
  5. Youth Depend on Technology Too Much & Become Helpless in the Process
  6. No One Should Be Punished for Saying Anything Online
  7. GPS Poses Serious Threats to Privacy & Safety
  8. Most Surveillance Cameras Should Have Better Level of Quality
  9. Internet Helped Queer Community Meet New People
  10. Cancer Rates Have Increased Due to Technological Developments

Controversial Topics for Philosophy Essay

Philosophy is a dreamy but also precise science, so you could find some good controversial topics to write about here.

  1. Some Universal Truths Are Actually Falsehoods
  2. We Underestimate Philosophy Because We’re Scared of Its Truth
  3. Existentialism Is Caused By Flawed Social Expectations
  4. Feminism Has Turned Into a Movement of Violence & Bigotry
  5. Some Problems Do Not Have Any Resolution
  6. Not All Mysteries Should Be Solved by Humans
  7. Every Person Should Be Allowed to Rebel Against Government
  8. Being Loved Is More Important Than Loving
  9. Emotions Could Be Hindrance to Having Successful Life
  10. Animals Do Not Differ From Human Beings In Any Relevant Aspects

Controversial Essays Ideas About Environment

Environment is a sphere that always fuels fierce debates. There is a big number of great controversial arguments topics here.

  1. Humans Should Be Forbidden to Eat Animals
  2. Recycling Must Be an Obligatory Part Of Every Person’s Life
  3. No Country Could Be Allowed to Have Nuclear Weapon
  4. People Who Actively Work to Protect Environment Should Receive Money For It
  5. Companies Who Break Environmental Laws Should Be Stopped from Operating
  6. Current Air Quality in Big Cities Is Unacceptably Bad & This Issue Must Be Resolved
  7. Alternative Fuels In Their Current State Are Not Effective
  8. Deserts Should Be Forcefully Turned Green Areas
  9. Global Warming Is More Dangerous Than We Believe
  10. Preventing Pollution Under Current Conditions Is Not Realistic

Science, Biology, and Health Topics

When writing controversial topics essay, these days, scientific and medical spheres are definitely among the most popular ones.

  1. Assisted Suicide Must Be Officially Permitted in All Countries
  2. Deadliness of COVID Is Overstated
  3. Food Created With Science Is More Useful Than Natural Food
  4. Some Illnesses Will Never Be Cured
  5. People Producing & Selling Alcoholic Beverages Must Be Imprisoned
  6. Biology Should Be Taught in All Schools From the First Year
  7. Eugenics Should Not Exist for Perfecting People
  8. GMO Is Not As Dangerous as We’re Led to Believe
  9. Fish Can Feel Emotional Attachment to Their Owners
  10. Science Is Not as Precise as We Think


Religious environment is relevant for many people, so it has plenty of controversial argumentative essay ideas.

  1. The Fact of Life Existing After Death Could Be Proven Scientifically
  2. Idea of Humans Evolving From Animals Is Not Sustainable
  3. Religion Kills More People Than It Saves
  4. Bible Has Been Written by Multiple Individuals
  5. People Should Be Allowed to Pray to Whichever God They Believe In
  6. Religion Is Not Based on Science
  7. Faith Is the Most Important Part of Life
  8. Violence Promoted by Religions Should Partly Discredit Them
  9. Words of Prayers Do Not Matter: Only Feelings Behind Them Do
  10. Stereotypes About Religions Unleash Violence Among People

Controversial Essays Topics for Law and Politics

Controversial writing topics about justice and politics never end, considering how passionate everyone feels about them. Everyone wants the best for their country, so why not explore ways of achieving this in an essay?

  1. Death Penalty In Its Present Form Is Useless
  2. Death Penalty Is a Useful Method of Fight Against Human Monsters
  3. Multiculturalism Fuels Tolerance in the Society
  4. American Women Have Equal Opportunities with Men
  5. Electronic Voting Is Ineffective: Too Much Cheating
  6. Gun Control Is Not as Relevant as It Is Presented
  7. Free Journalism No Longer Exists
  8. Racist Allegations Are Often Exaggerated
  9. Hate Crimes Should Automatically Receive Death Penalty
  10. Presidents Who Allow Wars to Break Out Must Be Removed from Power

Current Events

The world is constantly undergoing changes, so unique controversial essay topics about it are in perpetual supply.

  1. Amount of Taxes People Pay Does Not Correspond to Benefits They Get
  2. Concept of Fashion Is Invented Solely by People
  3. Trump Should Have Never Been a President in US
  4. Trump Brought Positive Changes to Some Parts of the World
  5. World Has Become Too Demanding & Unfair to Still Live in It
  6. Mental Health Therapy Should Receive Additional Funding Due to COVID Impacts
  7. Quarantine Measures Should Be the Same in All Parts of the World
  8. People Should Be More Caring In These Difficult Times
  9. Food Should Be Made Free During COVID
  10. Rich & Poor People Should Be Treated in Equal Conditions

Prompts on Entertainment

How about some fun and easy controversial topics about things that work as distractions from everyday worries?

  1. Violent Games Do Not Affect People Playing Them Negatively
  2. Modern Ads Could Be a Form of Art
  3. Fiction Is the Best Way to Distract Yourself From Troubles
  4. Media Should Be Regulated More Strictly
  5. Having Fun Is Essential for Mental Health
  6. Modern Entertainments Are Dangerous & Should Be Modified
  7. Nobody Falls In Love at the First Sight
  8. Entertainment Is Not to Blame For People Becoming Addicted
  9. Reality Shows Create Impossible Expectations
  10. Home Alone Is Still an Excellent Movie

Controversial Essay Ideas For College Students

College essays are more complex than those in high school, but they are also easier than those at universities. If you are a college student, take a look at these good controversial essay topics.

  1. Teenagers Should Be Allowed to Work Whenever They Want
  2. Teens Should Not Be the Ones Paying for Their Education
  3. College Students Do Not Need Cars Because They Are Not Prepared to Drive Them
  4. Internet Addiction Is a Myth in Most Cases
  5. Students Should Not Expect That They Will Find Love in College
  6. Gender Expectations Among Students Are Not Equal
  7. Serving the Military Is Romanticized to a Dangerous Degree
  8. Sororities and Fraternities Must Be Forbidden in the US
  9. Polygamy Is Vastly Misunderstood in Modern Society
  10. Love is Portrayed in Harmful Ways in Fiction

Controversial Essay Topic Ideas to Transform Your Writing

As you can see, topics are vital. You should pay extra attention when choosing them because your final success depends on it. Take your time and think carefully. In case nothing comes to your mind right away, try utilizing the tips we offered above. Still, we understand that writing is a tricky process that could be frustratingly difficult. If you have any questions, contact our support team via our website. They’ll be happy to help you with your problems! Whether you’d like us to guide you or write an essay in its entirety, we can do that. Drop a message and tell us what needs to be done. Your unique controversial essay on an original topic will be delivered on time.

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